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  1. Its a standard Netflix subscription, you can use it anywhere. Phone, streaming boxes, etc.

  2. Actually, T-Mobile only pays for the *Basic* Netflix subscription. *Standard* costs extra on your bill. But yes you can stream it from anywhere.

  3. Depends on the plan. We have max and standard with hd is included at no charge.

  4. Oh I see. When you have more than one line, they will upgrade it to Standard for free.

  5. "Optimize Apps" is another option that appears on the Recovery menu landing page. It essentially clears the dalvik cache (used for Fast Launch of apps) for all apps and rebuilds their cache again so they start quicker and with updated files.

  6. I average about 9hrs SOT. Snapdragon, 1080p, adaptive refresh rate on, auto brightness. I manually use LTE more often because my carrier is fast, and 5G does happen to half that SOT. Bluetooth on, Quick Share and Nearby Share on 'contacts only', Samsung profile sharing on, use Adguard and Brave browser.

  7. Do you have the factory unlocked model?

  8. Dex is awesome! I run Wireless Dex to various Samsung TV's, have a USB-C hub with HDMI, can plug in the phone to charge (or charge wirelessly), have USB dongle for wireless keyboard and mouse, and connect Bluetooth controller to play games. It also supports Multi-Window (must turn on in Dex options first) and resizing of app windows (also must turn on first).

  9. If your current LTE signal is suffering due to congestion, it is not likely the situation will improve much on 5G if it is the same tower.

  10. Personally, I use for important emails like government business and legal stuff, money and banking apps and transactions.

  11. I think that would be an interesting feature Samsung can get behind to strengthen their ecosystem.

  12. I also hate that I can't open the same note twice. Sometimes when working on something I would like to open a note twice in split screen, that way I could have the information page about something open on one side and write down stuff I need from it on the other side. But no... we can't do that...

  13. While you can't open the same Note twice, you can open two separate notes in split-screen view. So what you're trying to accomplish is actually possible.

  14. OneUI 4.1: Messages > Settings > Emergency Alert History > Settings > Uncheck desired broadcasts.

  15. I don't see the menu "Emergency Alert History" or anything close to it. I even used the magnifying glass icon to search for "Emergency", "Alert", "Amber", and "Silver" without luck.

  16. I feel like it should since Wallet uses Pay technology but not confident enough to say yes

  17. Right? But I'm not upgrading to Wallet til I find out for sure hehe. MST is a major reason to keep this device so I don't want to lose it 😭

  18. Only thing I will give a heads up about. No other phone or app makes use of this tech. Samsung did it themselves so if you are thinking of moving to a whole different app because it's potentially gone, there is no point.

  19. Absolutely. That much they make clear with their patents and the inability to use such apps after rooting/modding the phone.

  20. I've noticed people saying ProtonDrive acts slow in any browser besides Brave or Edge for some reason, despite most of them being built on Chromium. Which browser do you use?

  21. The best and quickest way to get a slight performance boost is by getting rid of junk files, which scanning takes additional processing and battery life each time. Use the storage optimizer.

  22. I'll say - it was definitely broken the first day the offer came out.

  23. Here is a YouTube Video by This is Tech Today describing and demonstrating the differences between the Airpods Pro, Galaxy Buds Pro and 2 others.

  24. ... it does, but, you lose the means to navigate in route while you're trying to figure it out. For instance, say you need to make a right a couple blocks down the road while you're trying to search.

  25. Does the AA assistant read out instructions while you're driving? Including the street names?

  26. Ya know... It's so simple but, that's probably the answer. I turn off the vocal directions because it either cuts into the music I've got playing or, interrupts the conversation I might be having with a friend riding shotgun. Lol!

  27. Haha I know how you feel though. Those instructions are often...disruptive.

  28. Agreed. That's always my go-to method when just about anything major goes wrong and the standard troubleshooting checklist won't fix. Love that fresh phone feeling.

  29. You'll be happy to know Samsung just lost a lawsuit about that in Australia.

  30. But OP never exposed his to moisture like in those ads. Unless he dropped his phone in the sink with soapy, dirty water.

  31. Oops yeah I think I read their paragraph about where they work too fast.

  32. Seems like it's Android only. How do you disable analytics of an app on Android? I just use NextDNS.

  33. Yes for Android, to disable the analytics of the T-Mobile app, you sign in, go to More in the bottom right corner > Advertising & Analytics > Select Line > Turn off the two options available (Use my data for Analytics and Reporting) + (Use my data to make ads more relevant to me). This is also how you disable the analytics at the network-level (aside from certain data retention required by the government).

  34. Oh I thought you were doing it outside of the the app. Not sure I'd fully trust the app to tell me it's not doing that. I think NetGuard has an ability to block data when you're not using the app but I'm not sure.

  35. Right? I use Adguard for the same thing. I never trust an app to do what it says til I can verify on the filter log over a long amount of time. Also has a firewall function to, yep, block that data when you're not using the app. Good on ya mate.

  36. I want to know more about the possible Electro Magnetic Frequency ramifications from this.

  37. Lol thanks for the worthless menu. You can already upload any folder to one drive.

  38. Before, you could manually upload to OneDrive but not automatically from SD - only internal storage, like with Gallery Sync. But now you can backup automatically to OD from an SD card.

  39. Yeah, I've done that since I've had the phone my man. I use my phone to check trail cams so I'll transfer the photos/vids to my SD and OD immediately asks if I want to add that new folder to backup.

  40. As you can see, disable is greyed out. Is force stopping the same thing?

  41. Negative. You will need to look up an ADB connection guide on how to disable services from a PC. You cannot disable it from your handset then.

  42. It reinstalls any T-Mobile branded apps you uninstall, and in addition to the T-Mobile app, reports your usage analytics for sale.

  43. If you ever have the choice between Exynos and SD, ALWAYS go with the Snapdragon option.

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