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  1. Looks awesome! I look forward to seeing it all loaded out. Nice work!

  2. This hasn't had enough recognition! I like it! Also: I think your argument for LEDs is both valid and sound. 10/10 LEDS!

  3. Looking forward to getting my hands on her work. Had a look on Amazon and they’re around £200!! But when I joined and subscribed to her website I can order one from around £25 and then add shipping to the UK. Looking forward to placing my order 👌🏼

  4. Yeah, buying them from her site is best. I think I waited about 6 weeks for my copies (Australia).

  5. Great work! I'm really interested to see how this progresses. Keep creating!

  6. That there adjusts the onboard view of the flat earth in real time. It is called a "diskometric perceptual sphereometer" and has been required by NASA since the Sagan-Munchausen pact of 1918. ALL orbital craft are fitted with a D.P.S system to ensure the success of the NWO globalist agenda... it also propagates 5G as required by the COV19 Rogan-Jones accord of 2020.

  7. Great job! I think if it is your first try by you'll be painting like a pro in no time! Is the prop your own build? Looks like Han Solo's blaster...

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