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  1. Northern France is close to German and I’m a Louisiana creole/Cajun our dna updates turns from Scottish/ German to France quite often

  2. I have no England/ British but I’m 2% welsh maybe it the cover up like myheritage and Finnish 😂

  3. Yupik nice we would be very distantly related my ancestry are Athabaskan

  4. Well France had colonies in the United States as well

  5. Yeah that would be proper term. I am black . My mom side I had 43% African(mainly west and east African) 10 European(mainly British and Scandinavian) from my mother, and 42% African(mainly South African) and 3 indigenous Mexican 2 and Filipino from my pops . I was shocked.

  6. So there was no actually Mexican in your dna, you had dna if indigenous Mexico who you’re ancestors tribe were more related to than artic- Canada natives north…I have choctaw ancestry and I picked up Mexico and my sister picked up north 😂

  7. Or that she picks up >1% of Nigerian dna..Ancestry only reports 1% and higher..

  8. You’re an admixture of Anatolian, caucaus and zagrosian

  9. I’m a French creole and they told me I am English 😂😂

  10. My sister gets indigenous north on AncestryDNA.

  11. Is that indigenous north or Indigenous Mexico? I pick up indigenous Native American on Myheritage and it’s really rare for people to not get meso American/ andean on Myheritage..

  12. Ftdna gave me Eastern European by 7% but 23and me gave me 0 as well as Ftdna giving me 2% Jewish..I’m from Louisiana so I don’t know why they both detect different things..but we do have Sephardic Jews and askenazi there and I have known ancestry of Sephardic.

  13. Just not too long ago John Wayne was being honored for killing many First Nation natives in movies and in todays time everyone wants to claim native ancestry🤔

  14. Maybe from east anglia who had a lot of Scandinavians

  15. Dude I know the spaniards were evil colonizers, bit you can see that in LatAm the indigenous population is around 95% of the same that existed before while in the USA and Canada the indigenous population is around 1% (And thats including mixed race people)

  16. That’s in southern Mexico, Spain hit the Caribbean first then south US, northern mexico…The strong indigenous you’re seeing isn’t from northern mexico..The high percentage is coming from nearby puebla.

  17. Im talking about the entire latam not just mexico, and in the caribbean the taino genocide existed I agree, but most caribbeans (from the non-black islands like Haití or Jamaica, Barbados etc) have a quarter of indigenous percentage, thats more than the 0% white americans have

  18. I haven’t seen this quarter usually 4-13% a lot of those island that’s non black were occupied by Spaniard colonist last 400 years

  19. Yeah well we include Egypt as North Africa because it’s still located in North Africa..Why would you put an African country in the Middle East 😅because people migrate into Egypt from the Middle East doesn’t mean you can change the whole place geographically 😂

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