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Joe "I'm 5 foot 8 inches tall" Rogan

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  1. But you don't have any proof for the claim you made right?

  2. I hate rogan, but are you really going to be a jackass about height. How pathetic do you have to be to cope by saying, hehe he i am taller.

  3. When someone acknowledges and explains a bad idea they've had in the past and say "this was a bad idea/I was dumb/I got this stupid-lookin scar now"), that is literally the meaning of being secure in his past self, from the point of view of his present self...

  4. Maybe we have two different definitions of insecurity then🤷‍♂️

  5. Would be funny watching his stupidity exposed, but Rogan doesn't compete, too scared of losing.

  6. lol that took you a whole day to come up with : (

  7. "a report by the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH)"

  8. "If you're not a conservative by the time you're 35, you have no brain"

  9. First of all, this is not the greatest piece of zombie fiction. You can say it’s your favourite but to claim it’s the greatest is obnoxious.

  10. Yea, I blame his ultra left friends in Hollywood and the media. But I still congratulate Joe for bring awareness and bringing in ppl that oppose these ideologies( dr. Petetson, Ben shapiro, etc). He's not the greatest, but at least he's one of the only ppl to oppose Clown World to a wide audience.

  11. When Shapiro is on all he does is oppose and counter him, and Shapiro is a dual citizen anyway, not even a good example of a conservative patriot. Listen to what Rogan says about actual conservatives like Tucker, Guiliani, etc, he just can't find the balls to actually choose a side.

  12. Or like you, been fed a bunch of propaganda and hate something they don’t really understand.

  13. US could have had universal healthcare too if we shut down immigration.

  14. That’s not the reason. The US doesn’t have universal healthcare because we have a government of glorified whores who have to make sure their pimps in the insurance industry can make as much money as possible.

  15. That's what I thought--you want an underclass to keep your middle class existence propped up. You want them forced to work minimum wage jobs in order to survive, which they will barely be able to do, so that you can buy things cheaper and see big gains in your retirement investments.

  16. Funny how you ignore the subject, because your brain is too weak to respond.

  17. Fell into your shoes is the only track I skip on Sci-Fi did it make your list when Letter from a thief and Mexican sun are clearly better?

  18. That is so awesome to see Choking Game at the top of your list. Seriously one of my favorites that I feel most don’t recognize.

  19. An easy #1, one of my favorites of all time, sound and lyrics. "Violent, circling. Immortal my body. We've come so far. Finally energy" I like how it could mean anything from the evolution of humanity, from primitive origins until universal consciousness, to the life and eventual death of an individual, or even a rocky relationship that finally becomes healthy.

  20. My view is that it's not assault because it's normal and appropriate behavior and assault must involve a deviation from accepted behavior. The absence of prosecutions is strong evidence for my position but not proof of it.

  21. My view is simply that non-verbal cues can count as consent, at least until they are countered by verbal or other cues. The point I'm trying to make is that you said this in another comment:

  22. Who gives a toss how tall (or short) Joe is? Why the preoccupation with height?

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