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Post Match Thread: Real Madrid 3-1 Manchester City (AET) [6-5 on agg.] [Real Madrid qualify for the UEFA Champions League Final!]

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Real Madrid [2] - 3 Chelsea [5-4 on agg.] - Karim Benzema 96'

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  1. I was trying to knock out some of the objectives for Mauro Junior, but I’m a student so I won’t be able to do the rest until later. How long would you say it takes to get the objective players though?

  2. That’s not bad at all then, but I saw that they had a timer that was ending in about 2 hours will those players be rotating out today?

  3. Yeah, after content time new players will come. According to leaks: Saka and de Gea

  4. Pound for pound that was the greatest CL tie I’ve ever seen

  5. Reds are always terrible but tbh at this point I don't care about reds anyway. It's more about the packs and coins for me

  6. It’s not even about packs or coins for me. I genuinely enjoy playing wl, sure the gameplay is terrible sometimes but I have fun

  7. The joke has gone waaaayyy over your head dude

  8. No one will (by 'massively' I mean 4+ wins on WL), and Mbappe is certainly no exception. He's a great card, but the weak foot alone means he's far from R9 imo. The amount of times that left foot of his cost me easy goals is mind boggling

  9. I don’t know. I packed Cantona and Captain Reus and went from 11 wins (2 gifted) to 17 wins (1 gifted). Maybe it’s in my head or maybe because I played on Sunday instead of Saturday. Previously the best I ever got is 14 wins so it was massive improvement for me

  10. Fair play, 17 wins is very good. But I'd argue both those weeks were outliers , that's way too big of an increase to be just down to your strikers (unless you were using non rare golds there :D).

  11. Previous strikers were Fantasy Perisic and FS Brahim not bad but also not great

  12. Most likely but marqui isn't there either so I don't think that has nothing to do with it

  13. Mbappe is one of the 3 most marketable players they have. It would just be stupid to remove him from promo materials unless he won’t be there

  14. Courtois too, he's not talked about enough

  15. I do think Madrid will go through but to be honest this is the same Madrid.. and Benzema is just in amazing form.

  16. No varane and ramos. That was the difference in the match. It was first game for Ramos after an injury and he was sooo bad. Same for Hazard

  17. Russia has been shelling civilian shelters for weeks and refusing to let evacuation convoys through. There are a LOT of people who are pinned in place unable to escape.

  18. He meant Russian soldiers against their will. All what is left are monsters


  20. I'm not the person you responded to but here's a list of my favorite video game content of similar quality (in no particular order).

  21. Paulo Dybala. I need hos special card so bad.

  22. I hope at least one player from la liga gets in Modric or Llorente

  23. Is there 26 tokens including the one in the store or 25 including the one in store

  24. Why does it say ‘icon swaps 1’, yet have the number ‘3’ on the cards…

  25. Good but not as good as SIF Vini. FB benzema so far has 12 goals and 8 assists in 14 games (elite 1900 sr)

  26. Party bag code has been leaked. You get one of OTW or RTTK or RB, so a lot of panic selling

  27. I beat pay to win teams all the time, i’m more afraid of teams with Dembele, Fekir, Kimpembe, and other French players.

  28. Yeah I know what you mean. I easily beat 15mil+ team with Mid R9 and Zidane but get really scared when I come against full seria a team (and always lose)

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