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  1. She never dies. What are you tal… oh. You watched that? Ew.

  2. I'm watching on Netflix in the UK and it's "anustart" so think it translates fine from the US version

  3. Reunion lineup posts should be banned. We get 8765 a day.

  4. It’s not. Greatest three seasons ever vs worst tv ever

  5. Black Friday!! Did he make them load their computers on to a truck?

  6. Really makes you realize how tightly people in southern Chile have to hang on to the Earth‘s crust so they do not fall off.

  7. Argentina is the most southern tip, I think

  8. I don’t know the band and I was having such a hard time understanding the headline.

  9. I heard the King of the Hill theme in my head

  10. It wasn’t to bad . Down to about 40 degrees! Bundled up and I was great !

  11. Wow. It’s like after season three everything is bad!!

  12. I find it very positive. Life is different as an adult and it’s ok.

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