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  1. Where did You watch it? Been looking forever

  2. I was too and it finally popped up all over. It's included with an AMC+ subscription; for rent on Redbox, Vudu, and Prime Video; and for sale on Apple TV. The only place that has the soundtrack in the US is Spotify. It's a great soundtrack too.

  3. Got a date with some edibles. Thanks, dude.

  4. everything posted on the internet isn’t just for you yeno

  5. aegon’s bastard in that place said with his eyes “quiero leche de madre”

  6. I have a big Stanley. It’s totally bombproof. You want something strong.

  7. Wait. Did whore have a different meaning back then?!?!? Please say it did.

  8. This guy looks like a bully from HS that now plays the victim.

  9. You haven’t paid attention to Liam if you want to be like someone else.

  10. Fun fact: In my country, Argentina, we use the word 'concha' for informally referring to the vulva and formally referring to shells. That's not a general rule to all the Spanish speaking countries, though

  11. As in “la concha de tu madre, All Boys”

  12. They stole our building’s mail every day for two months. We had to get usps to stop delivering until we replaced the mailboxes for better ones.

  13. We're having this problem right now. Any advice on what mailboxes you purchased?

  14. No idea. The people in charge of the hoa did it.

  15. Pfeiffer Big Sur state Park. The river front sites are excellent.

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