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  1. And then I watched Highway and I shut my mouth

  2. Highway was literally her 2nd movie. How tf did OP judge her for a role in SOTY where she was just there to be the love interest.

  3. So is he no longer crystal based then? If he is still related hextech piltover could always mine in ixtal.

  4. They said they are removing the crystal part of his lore. So, they will retcon hextech to have some other source I guess.

  5. Yeah the crystal but no rule saying skarner can't be guarding the power source piltover uses for hextech in ixtal.

  6. True. But let's wait for the whole design to be released. Maybe this lore works well with how Skarner looks like. Maybe this also means Skarner is no longer the lone Brackern alive.

  7. Imagine knowing champ counter and imagine picking them in stage games. Nah better copy paste comps seen on the internet every year.

  8. Holly smokes! U is strikes it RICH wif dis pile of fud!

  9. How hard do you have to hit your head against concrete to have full clear on Lillia by 4:30? Bitch has insane clear speed

  10. I'm not a main and I can do a full clear quicker than this with no leash lol. They should've used a Jarvan or something

  11. Fun fact: If you run into some knights who formerly said Ni, you might need one of the herrings to cut a tree down

  12. Yeah, they updated the lore after panth rework. Basically Aatrox killed the aspect inside of Atreus.

  13. I agree on current form alone, but tried to give benefit of doubt to few liv players struggling recently.

  14. Ten hag does not think Maguires good enough. Maguires trash.

  15. I don't think he's trash but he's not good in a high pressing team. That's why he still played decent for England. Next year if he moves to a team like West Ham or if he goes to a Mourinho style team, you'll see him bounce back.

  16. For me it's the opening scene to Inglorious Bastards. Christoph Waltz pretending to be this nice cheerful government bureaucrat before switching to English and turning the conversation on its head.

  17. Riri Williams felt so forced into the movie. They could have had any other person be the scientist who gave the tech to CIA and then show it was actually Riri who developed it in a post credits scene. That would've created more hype.

  18. I saw the GOP exit polls telling that abortion rights and climate change were two of the biggest issues for young Republican voters. How funny that they are the two things the modern GOP wants to not talk about. They are scratching their heads over what could have cost them the midterms and will just ignore the evidence

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