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  1. Oh, I get your question. No, I made it all by myself. Though I do have to admit, I followed a tutorial on how to do the mellotron notes on YT, but other than that, everything was made by me.

  2. Nice work, but if you're interested, like the other poster noted, you can find MIDI files or track-separated audio files on the torrent sites so that you can re-mix the originals to your liking, without having to remake the wheel.

  3. this. at this point I'd rather apple just invade my privacy a little bit and give us a good Siri already. I already give recordings of when I use Siri but apparently that's still not good enough

  4. Or at least allow you the option to choose levels of Siri effectiveness in regards to sacrificing a certain level of "privacy".

  5. It’s not that related. Of course you could choose to give more info (actually you can already do it, in privacy or somewhere there is a toggle to allow apple to listen to the Siri request to improve the quality) but it doesn’t mean that automatically she’s going to be better as she needs lots of feedback and manual developing to improve

  6. The onboard Android TV in a smart TV is vastly underpowered (from a CPU, GPU, and memory standpoint) compared to a separate, dedicated box (Apple TV) with world-class hardware and heat dissipation. There's going to be no comparison in terms of snappiness and responsiveness; the Apple TV will take the cake (as would an NVidia shield if your preferred OS is Android TV).

  7. Depends on the TV. Sure, don’t bother on a cheap one. But my Samsung QLED’s apps work fine, and the YouTube app which I use most works much better. My LG C1 apps are good too.

  8. The smart tv apps on my 2020 Sony Bravia work so flawlessly (the Plex app, for example, handles 30+GB UHD/4k mkv files being streamed from an 8-year-old iMac), that I relegated my ATV to the bedroom.

  9. Due to known issues regarding the most recent version of the android app with Sony Bravias (won't play surround sound correctly), I side-loaded an older version of the app from August which restored the surround sound.

  10. That's very possible and replacing hdmi cables is always a good first step in trouble-shooting,

  11. damn, that is outside my technical abilities. Thanks! I'll see what i can do.

  12. I replaced the mainboard on a different Sony after a lightning strike, and while it was time-consuming, it doesn't require "technical" expertise.

  13. Hmm odd. Have you considers setting up a plex server? This is what I use when I want to watch content that I have downloaded and it works great

  14. I think I know what you're referring to, I've had issues formatting drives in FAT and ExFAT using Mac's Disk Utility app. But never with NTSF. I have Windows running virtually via Parallels. I'll try it formatting the drive in a Windows environment after he tries the flash drive, but even if it mounts correctly, I doubt a 4+ year old tv has the processing power to handle the files. ✌️

  15. As a courtesy, I generally wait until a shuffle before sitting down at a table with other players.

  16. Everything. There is a comprehensive interview he did explaining what was done and how he has provided all materials used in a nice package with a bow for use in the future. This is well worth the 3 hours to listen via YT or podcast. If you watch the YT Jackson shows examples of the work done before and after.

  17. Thanks. I wasn't sure because I saw a Jackson interview where he said that he wanted to err on the side of using too much, because the footage could go back to the vaults for another fifty years.

  18. He wants to go back and get his hands on the rest of what’s in the vault too. Maybe I misunderstood your question? He cleaned up all the audio and video filmed for Let It Be and a few other things he included in Get Back.

  19. I wasn't clear. I was asking if every piece of footage that exists had been cleaned up, or did Jackson make his final cut, and then only clean up that particular footage.

  20. Do you really not understand that shooting on location is incomparably more expensive and inefficient than shooting in a studio?

  21. I know this is going to be an unpopular take here but I feel partially why he isn’t getting much support is because Ethan has egged on Ryan Kavanaugh multiple times. In his response to Philly D he said he never asked his fans to review bomb the App or abuse R.K but we all know that isn’t true. He didn’t come out and directly say it but demonstrating each time the app got negative reviews and reading them out with obvious glee sends a message to his fan base.


  23. I miss a lot of stuff too sometimes when drunk, cheers! 🍺

  24. The Blu Ray was apparently made from a new 4K scan of the film materials, and not just a DVD upscale. Was just seeing if anyone had a file they’d be willing to share, until Vincent makes more copies that is, since I’d much rather buy it from him.

  25. There are HD versions with the commentary track available on many public "sources".

  26. Oh fuck off lol, putting the US and China in the same bucket is hilarious.

  27. And pay their workers shit wages to do so, and use the money they profit to continue the modern-day evil machine that is China.

  28. I got addicted to this channel briefly after my cat passed.

  29. 11.6.1 was released October 25, 2021; 4 days ago. How does it run on your 2012 iMac 27"?

  30. I didn't notice the update, as I'm using it as a Plex server.

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