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We are the Kyiv Independent, Ukraine’s leading English-language media outlet, reporting 24/7 on Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine. Ask Us Anything!

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  1. They say he is waging war against God. Since when are man-made institutions God? The leaders of the world make mistakes. The fact that they can not admit to this is why the problems rage on.

  2. Be safe. I hope you both get the help you need. You help in both being safe and dealing with the trauma. Him being able to get help so that he can have a positive impact on his children's lives. Either way, though, I am glad that situation is behind you. Stay safe no matter what.

  3. Can you just install a lock on the door? Both win. The problem is that it is his place, not yours. Also, you clearly state your boundaries and comfort levels. Maybe you should stay somewhere safe for the night to confirm your plans and see if this is a good fit for you both. While you are doing so, ask yourself why you love him and weigh that against the negs.

  4. Bar hopping is quite the adventure here. Be sure to tip your bartender.

  5. Also super easy to clean the tub and tile when you can rinse it directly. And for doggy baths.

  6. Could you imagine what America would have done to them if they didn’t? Largest military in the world and our government fucking loves using it.

  7. They both went to jail. Caught domestic battery charges and lost their ability to legally carry.

  8. Cop family here, does happen. My family didn't do this shit but some of the stories. One cop we knew got hooked on crack and is now facing charges for raping a homeless woman. She also loved her crack.

  9. Get yourself a moving checklist. This will help you break down all the steps involved. Tons of free ones, and they are all good. Mainly look for an appeasing format.

  10. She did several jackets and a suit coat for me.

  11. Try Life Alive. Bowls and smoothies, super chill. Classic hippy vibe.

  12. Came here to say this. Good show, good sir. Plus, this place is totally vegan.

  13. I will add to this. The place is vegan, but the food is good. When you say a place is vegan, that's good news for vegans and often a turn off for non-vegans. I'm not a vegan, at all, and the bowls are damn good. Super filling and delicious, and yeah sure vegan and healthy too. Mostly delicious though.

  14. I have to say this is very true. Normally, I ID as a carnivore, but I make an exception for Life Alive.


  16. Yall kinda going crazy. Is this how smart people argue

  17. Great intelligent addition to the conversation. Bravo.

  18. I spend long hours working on a witty response to things I have no business commenting on. I used both brain cells on this project!

  19. Lol, jokes on you. I don't know shit! American education system ftw!

  20. I can make this , my religion holly book can start with the goddess of earth Nadia and the goddess of the sea Idonthaveagoodname and the god of the sky Benjamin doing a threesome making the goddess of the moon Jomama from the goddess of the sea and from the goddess of earth we get the god of the sun Poopinthepants …

  21. After the United States long history of failure with regime changes, even when successful I might add, I personally think it’s for the best we do not attempt to influence Iran’s revolution. I know it sounds fucked up but the moment the U.S. sends a soldier, mercenary, tank, etc. we are right back in a Cold War where Iran is no longer themselves, they are just a pawn of “superpowers” vying for global influence. Even if we are not trying to gain influence or power, just the fact that we influenced their countries evolution will smudge the outcome of this moment in their history as not their own.

  22. May I say the French helped the US with our revolution. Things are not so cut and dry.

  23. Maybe they're reading it as Kneb. idk

  24. She didn't get naked. Why am I so disappointed?

  25. Russia claims NATO is fighting against them, yet as far as I can tell, this does not seem to be true. How off are Russian outlets from truth reporting, especially in regards to loss of life.

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