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  1. As I expected. I'm not a Hexaorb player but even I had a feeling that there isn't much point in running the OG as she just doesn't do enough to keep up in the meta.

  2. Did Wilista soulblast a copy of the original? I thought she just soulblasted a gem card.

  3. That is the funniest way to give Drajeweled CC ngl. Understandable, have a nice day.

  4. In a way, I kinda appreacite that Geats doesn't directly goes to the newest/highest specs form instead still utilize the base form and only use the strongest form once in a while.

  5. Although, from a meta perspective, it doesn't really make all that sense in general but since the higher forms actually have drawbacks in terms of usage to them, it makes sense.

  6. It might be a bit too dark but I'm so down for an all army team again. Ohranger but done correctly is nothing but a fantasy but a man can dream.

  7. After quick play tests with proxies, yeah, Falcate feels redundant now; whatever the countercharger is will replace Falcate imo

  8. Well technically, if you're gonna do selective soul charging, you're gonna get the crit anyway.

  9. I love that you can mix and match the G1 and G2 with the existing rideline.

  10. It isn't bad and this style of generic rideline is neat in general, but I think I rather Maple G1 and G2 as my rideline for Gramgrace

  11. That's for sure. In the end, this rideline is just a +1 for essentially one SB, while Bruce's is also a +1 while getting 1 soul extra. Its small, but that difference could mean a Gungnram draw or a Vorpal Scythe retire, so in the end this RL doesn’t change anything.

  12. Well, the quantity of soul here doesn't exactly matter for Favrneel since he counts grades. SBing the G0 changes nothing.

  13. When we inevitably get a new Bastion and rideline in Set 12, I really just want the new Fort and Rooks' skills to be "when this unit is placed on VG, choose up to one card from your hand and call it to RG". No plussing, no advantage, nothing. Just let me play some damn rearguards early without having to rely on RNG.

  14. If we get a new Bastion, I doubt that it's gonna focus on G3s or at least without any sort of keyword to focus on to really differentiate itself from the G4 Bastion build the same way Final Burst did.

  15. A cool ass belt that, speaking realistically, interferes with hip movement in battle.

  16. I mean you see the Riders fight off Enemies while putting on the driver, and then as soon as the Gimmick is inserted the whatever forcefield activates

  17. Hold up. The character of Kengo Manaka(Ultraman Trigger) is said to be based on Gentaro. Holy shit it came full circle now...

  18. Not to mention, Kengo also has the same name as Kengo from Fourze MIND BLOWN

  19. Not only is Zero-one overrated, it's just worse Drive in everything but special effects, even if you only compare their halves together.

  20. ive been testing and without urbago and baur you dont use up so much cb as much as before

  21. Yeah, makes sense. Besides, most people insist that you don’t need to use the OG Hexa with Aquamarine, saying that you’re likely to draw her out with the amount of deck digging the deck has.

  22. That is in fact true. Painkiller, Solda Sakaab and Octaray pretty much helped me draw at least two persona ride targets every game.

  23. Ximena almost gets booted out of Mahar.dek, except I remembered that all of the soul is fed to Esperaridea.

  24. I mean, you have to use this as a X-OverDress target. I don't think you have the space for that in just a Mahar build, do you?

  25. You could use stragallio in Mahar purely as a searcher for your trickstar and other overdress units so not really

  26. Least horny rider fan(this person has clearly never seen Kamen Rider Build[it involves heated drama between men])

  27. I have severely underestimated you. You are clearly the most horny rider fan

  28. Yes. Cards are ordered by rarity, then nation, then grade. So, among the DE RRRs, a grade 3 will always be above a grade 2 in the set list. Gandiva (G3) is 001, and the cycle card (G2) is 002. Mirrors Vairina can only be a G2 or below

  29. Well Baur, nice to meet you. Get in here Mirror. Seriously though when choosing between the draw or CC, you're probably only going for CC considering Jheva eats CB like its starving

  30. That's only true if you're using Baur and Urbago. With them gone, it's pretty much a non-issue.

  31. With the playstyle, it burns CB like crazy. Especially with the X-OD and OD Mashup playstyle

  32. Well, only if you have Baur and Urbago. I had no CB issues after I got rid of them. Managing my CB really wasn't that hard.

  33. I member her but she's a Lyrical card so honestly, it's just like Bermuda to do that shit at this point.

  34. Isn't Bermuda general gimmick is doing what other decks doing but do it a lot better?

  35. Angel Feathers is as confusing as Link Joker, there are far better ways to add damage to your hand.

  36. Angel Feather is just hard to balance is all when it comes to cards like this.

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