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  1. I know exactly what you mean. The way you describe it really speaks to me.

  2. You beat me to saying "you beat me to saying 'you beat me to it'"

  3. Well I think it kind of makes sense in a way. The heads are usually filled with crazy patterns or artwork instead of eyes and mouth etc. Kind of goes along with the "where my head should be there is simply the world" doesn't it?

  4. Lol you just hate the concept of libraries in general even if it was a private library?

  5. I love all the "but we just didn't knowwww" excuses. I knew 😘

  6. Any time someone asks a genuine question about any of this shit the excuse factory goes into overdrive

  7. Been having this conversation with a few people. Back in the 60s you could be a gas station attendant and afford a house. My mother was a bank teller, she sold a broken down car and got enough for a down payment and a mortgage payment in the bank plus grocery money. If govt steps in to make things more affordable a lot of existing home and property owners will go broke. If they cap rent so renters can afford to save and buy then property values will go down. If they raise wages property becomes less valuable. There is no easy fix, but what you're worth depends on how badly someone wants something and the quality they are willing to settle for. In North America we got pretty used to making a decent wage and being able to afford to live. When people started (heavily) immigrating from 3rd world countries we did a few things wrong. Capitalism really kicked in, if you and I show up to apply for a job and you've got 10 years experience and I have none BUT I tell the employer I'll do it for 30% less than you it made them decide the 30% savings was going to amount to a significant change in the bottom line. These people were used to fighting to survive, they knew how to do what it takes to feed the family. Even today I see east Indians work a day job then go work a night job to get ahead, we (I) don't want to do that, it's easier to blame the immigrants for having a work ethic like that then to say "no I only want 1 job and you owe me a decent living". No easy fixes, no easy answers

  8. There is no government solution. The fix, though not exactly easy in today's world, is to get government out of the economic management business. Every action they take distorts the market and makes us all poorer.

  9. Exactly. Buddy has them by the balls right now. Should ask for a promotion and a raise and a company cellphone and maybe even company truck and gas card. They have the money.

  10. Grocery stores typically make razor thin margins as it is. It's a stretch and a misunderstanding to assume they just have enough to give a grocery store worker outrageous bonuses. Although I do agree with your general point.

  11. Unfortunately a lot of people just don’t like disabled people. Hell, look at how they talk about COVID on the news. “Oh Omicron isn’t so bad, 75% of the people who have died had 4 or more comorbidities.”

  12. That's ridiculous. People point out the comorbidities to show that Covid is not dangerous to the average young and healthy person like the media's fear porn has kept trying to convince everyone. The comorbidities are things like COPD, Diabetes, heart problems etc. Not exactly disabilities in the way you are Implying. The point is that it's not killing young and old, healthy and unhealthy alike, it's killing people in very specific risk categories and therefore it doesn't make sense to have blanket policies enforced on everyone as if they are all at risk.

  13. Not sure how many people know about them outside of Canada but Merkules and Snak the ripper are both dope canadian rappers

  14. You do realize how rankings work, right? Regardless, I don’t agree with the list besides that

  15. I swear when I looked it was flipped and em was 10 Rakim was 1 but I could just have been high and misread

  16. So you do, sorry at a glance I thought that was MMLP2

  17. There's a lot of people who hate him so much they can't stop fucking talking about him

  18. 4 albums SSLP, MMLP, TES, and MMLP2

  19. Agreed, Most people in this thread sleeping on MMLP2 and overrating recovery imo

  20. I hate the BS on antiwork but this post is a Bullshit way to describe what has apparently happened to this person. Read the post there is no jumping to conclusions. The lunchbox was apparently closed and someone went into it and stole the food out of it. I dont care who you are that is fucking bullshit.

  21. Absolute worst. Almost stopped watching it after this one, but they got it together after

  22. Get a life. Find some freinds or drink more. What a totally pointless observation

  23. Sounds like you need to get off the sauce a bit there you miserable cunt

  24. You are exactly right I think! I've had many psychedelic induced ego deaths and I had this same realization, but am glad you were able to put it into words so effectively. My ego gets terrified but I am fine. The fear is very real but it can't hurt awareness. The ego is going through some very hard times, it's being demoted to something far less important. I have had nights after meditating when I suddenly have a moment of terror when falling asleep, but the fear is like a fear of seeing the truth.

  25. Can we stop just losing our minds when ever there is a new variant. It just feels like when ever a new variant comes out we automatically need to go back and get another booster shot. Has the vaccine even been updated? What’s the purpose of getting another shot if nothing has changed in the vaccines. At this point it’s starting to feel like a cash grab from big pharma. I’m tired of jumping through these hoops.

  26. I actually really like the way the comet looks with the star trails. Well done!

  27. Well don’t want to depress you or talk down the value of meditation. But if one takes a good look at the behavior of all the “masters” that showed up since the 60ies that’s not very promising if you ask me.

  28. I was a little surprised to read OPS post. People actually think meditating is supposed to cure you of all undesirable behavior?

  29. I knew I’d get a response like this when I wrote my post. Mostly because I think many have the proclivity to believe meditation is a “tool” to cure something undesirable, I included, and because I’m trying to articulate my question over text. But I’m mostly curious about meditation as it relates to freedom and self examination. I am just examining something that seems like a paradox to me. Where you find freedom in so many moments of your life after practicing for some time but there’s a paradox where I don’t want to find freedom through meditation in some situations but in other areas I do. It was more of an open ended question to hear other points of view. And to your point of view, you’re right, maybe I’m allowing my predisposition and tendency to want to use meditation as a tool rather than a simple practice that has no predetermined inherent value. Point taken.

  30. Yeah sorry if I came off overly critical it is hard to put this type of thing into words for sure.

  31. Yes. If you're getting it, so are hundreds of others. Age is no excuse, old enough to post, old enough to follow the sub rules and search first. ;-)

  32. Yes! I’ve been meaning to ask the same question on

  33. And if you call the number back it's just some person who has no idea who you are or why your calling

  34. Damn now I’m torn between shrooms and acid, both sound like good fun.

  35. Do mushrooms then you won't have to wait 12 hours if you have a bad time

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