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  • By - 1q8b

  1. Honestly. I see this shit all the time. He was 1000% wrong. But what I have learned is theres no need to argue with these morons. I would have just sped off once he did not obstruct your way. Arguing with idiots does not lead to no where. It won’t change his dipshit behavior. Just let him do it to an undercover cop and he will get the book thrown at him. I really would have just went my merry way and he can go fuck himself.

  2. My number one rule is don’t engage but He was blocking me up until I said I have a camera. I know it’s hard to tell due to the camera angle.

  3. Dude just fuck him. Hes a bitch at driving and probably a bitch in life too. Don’t let him get to you with his bitchness. Yeah heard you tell him you have a camera.

  4. I paid the tickets. One ticket was beaten by an attorney. After that I have gotten 3 more tickets afterwards. Because of the one ticket that was beaten, there is no license suspension. I then hired an attorney to represent the 3 remainder.

  5. Do you suggest I pay it? My offense was December 2019, my hearings kept getting postponed, and finally I’ll be attending it on Monday. Was waiting for the 18 months to pass so I don’t get any points on my license

  6. I absolutely would if I didn’t just get the car a week ago but thanks for the answer dipshit

  7. Why don’t you just put a sticker over it. Instead of being retarded and shelling $1400 on a small 1in scratch that is bigger than your ego. Whenever tf do you even look at that. Get in the car point it straight and drive off. Enjoy your car call it a day

  8. Dude got rear ended he shouldn’t have to pay anything. File a claim with the at fault partys insurance and make them pay the $1400. If the car is a week old this is the route I would be taking especially if someone else is at fault. Why should Op drive around with a damaged bumper on a brand new car?

  9. Are you dumb. How is that even damage??? Good luck being on the phone for 3hours with a shitty insurance rep. Then wait for an adjuster to come. After that, then wait 3 days at the garage.

  10. ArMoReD JeEp lmao. Tell me how much mpg u get and how bullet proof it is. Driving that american pos

  11. Fuck staten island I try to not take that turn as much as possible. That turn is a turn for a disaster. Whatever people say are irrelevant because they don’t know the road of that place. Hylan is notoriously known for people turning in the middle lane. You are allowed to ride the bus lane at the given marked times. People can’t read properly. Staten Island is a shithole

  12. This wouldn’t make any sense lol… not only can you check out anonymously with certain dispos but also ur assuming nothing is already pre packaged and ready to sell… the reason you get good and bad shit is mainly 1.) older harvest/package date they wanna get out 2.) the inconstancy in the actual grow here in NJ

  13. You can still get it if you aren’t gay

  14. America is silly with no history. Basically its only 246 years old. A joke.

  15. Then don’t work. Crying about bullshit. Or find a man that can support you 🙄

  16. Scratch Staten Island off your list if you looked at it. Unless you want to deal with annoying italians albanians and puerto ricans.

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