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  1. Pancakes that are raw in the middle mixed with syrup. I don't know what it is but raw batter and syrup tastes amazing.

  2. I’m an undercooked batter fan myself! Specifically Brownies and cookies oooey gooey delish

  3. Those are pretty normal for people to like undercooked though, I've never met another person yet who likes undercooked pancakes xD

  4. It's your body, not his. I'd tell him to knock it off or get out.

  5. I remember going to the theater for that, it was actually really good and I don't hear enough people talk about it.

  6. On top of that, excessive bullying and refusal from adults to resolve or stop the bullying.

  7. How has no one else said, "please be gentle, this is my first time"?

  8. everyone i love? No. A select few. But definitely not everyone.

  9. I'm struggling to know why you guys discussed this in the first place. I typically will keep my srxual past private from my partners. It isn't that I've had a lot, or had little, its just that it's private. Like why do they need to know?

  10. Well yes, at that moment. But the things that occurred before you ever even met your partner, is not your partners business. You can tell them if you want but you shouldn't have to.

  11. If she's really not having much of anything to do with you and keeps ignoring you, I wouldn't be staying. It sounds like she isn't even your girlfriend to be honest. If she's talking to other people but not you then it sounds like she's acting like she's single. So make her single, I guess.

  12. Why's it matter if everyone else liked it or not? Play games that you think you'll like, not that everyone else thinks you'll like.

  13. I was just about to say this one. I had no idea what the song was actually about until I watched the music video :( I was hearing the song but not the meaning.

  14. Is dollars to donuts a real American saying or did you just make it up

  15. The second he did anything to inconvenience/agitate/hurt my dog I'd draw the line. I wouldn't even ask nicely, I would say "you're done." Easy as that. "You show no intention of leaving on your own, you're stressing out the dog and myself, as well as my partner, and you're not contributing to anything here. You don't live here, time to go." Be forceful, not nice. He doesn't deserve the courtesy at this point.

  16. My poor pup is a rescue too. He was a horde puppy and is already jumpy. we are training him to have more confidence before we start service training and obviously this isn't helping.

  17. Yeah, make that guy leave. He doesn't need to be there anymore if he's gonna act like that

  18. Yeah, make that guy leave. He doesn't need to be there anymore if he's gonna act like that

  19. I would be the female in that scenario and I would kill myself before I purposely procreate.

  20. Discrimination is discrimination. Everyone does it, unfortunately. Nobody should , but everyone does. Even just a little bit. Its never okay, but people are flawed.

  21. Meatloaf or cranberry sauce. Fuck both of those.

  22. Man, those red flags came out real fricking quick, huh?

  23. Are you turning Biden into a cat, or replacing him with a cat?

  24. Either way it's gonna sleep just as much

  25. Honestly if he does it every single time, I wouldn't even be concerned if I was rude or not. I'd simply tell him to knock it off and don't touch my face

  26. But wouldn't comments and posts be the same? 🤔 since you post comments.

  27. But if that's true, that means this comment is also a lie... so that means you don't lie every time you post o.o

  28. For real, pretty sure I have several health issues stacking on top of each other but am I going to get them checked? Hell no I just hope that if I die it happens while I'm sleeping lol.

  29. "a aneurysm can happen anytime and kill you"

  30. We all kind of see 2 sides to the American population: •Gay liberal protester •Pickup truck-driving racist gun collector

  31. I mean I fit in the gay territory but I'm independent and refuse to join any protest no matter what it for lol. So there's a third group, its the very small "we mind our business" people hiding in the corner next to Canada xD

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