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  1. I have to remind myself to close the door when I'm at other peoples houses 🤣

  2. Perception is reality, you just need to believe!

  3. It's a Pegasus vehicle to begin with, iirc. You'll have to call them, then fly it to your hangar to make a personal one.

  4. It's essentially an ego challenge to get you to download the game; like the other person said.

  5. Never heard of a pallet called a skid, but I know what a skid steer that one might use to load the pallet is. I’m pretty sure they’re called that because their axles don’t move, so you actually steer by skidding the tires in opposite directions, not because they load “skids.”

  6. That makes sense. Lots of people in my area use both terms, so that's what I've grown to use too.

  7. the thing to move the platform but if a skids whats being loaded then i guess its a skid

  8. I’m guessing there’s a wallbreach around there somewhere and instead of actually fixing it, rockstar just kils you and teleports you away from it.

  9. That could be, there are plenty of wallbreaches in this game lol.

  10. I have no idea what that smells like, not even sure what you're referring to lol

  11. lmao, I wondered if that's what you were talking about (I googled it but still wasn't sure initially)

  12. I recently changed mine from Astro Corp. to Cosmic Industry. I wanted to have Cosmic Industries but it was too many characters.

  13. Are there places men could get in legal trouble by doing this? I've never heard of such a thing, if so. I also think women should be able to walk around without a shirt with no legal consequences

  14. Nah, I hate headbobbing in games. I've turned it off in Minecraft and GTA V/Online because I spend most of my time in 1st person there too.

  15. The time in between isn't as much of a problem as her being under 18 is. At least, where I am, 18 is the legal age of consent. My parents are about 7 years apart but didn't start seeing each other until my mom turned 18.

  16. Some states have Romeo & Juliet laws that allow for age gaps of a couple of years.

  17. Do you mean when one of them is underage, or just in general?

  18. I quit doing CEO crates. Not because I couldn't make the sales, but because I prefer the crystal trophy on my desk more than the gold one

  19. i usually have youtube playing in the background and i never play the audio on these so youtube links just stop whatever i’m already playing and makes me rush to pause the video or turn off my volume. but that’s definitely a first world problem lmfaoo

  20. Ah, yup, also fair. Definitely a first world problem hahahaha

  21. 4-5 apartments and garages I don’t need, and every time I win a podium vehicle I have a tendency to trick it out to the max on just about everything performance related, and they all get bulletproof tires and max turbo tuning.

  22. If you're anything like me, eventually you'll be wishing for more garage space...

  23. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, there was a group of Space Wizards that liked to abduct children. Then an Evil Space Wizard showed up and wanted to rule the galaxy. So the Evil Space Wizard got the child abducting Space Wizards to fight in a war where they all died.

  24. Of course, enjoy! And may to force be with you

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