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  1. That is a very good question! Honestly, I think we might be a little bit more forgiving on that side of things. I would have to talk to the community to see how they feel about it. I know that gathering materials take the most time and sadly most of us don't have the time we would like. I guess it would be mostly trusting others not to ruin the experience for others.

  2. Generally the best solution for this is to have a modpack which enables server-side characters and anti-cheat. I know there are strong sentiments against modding for vanilla players, but I feel like something like this is justified considering the potential of griefers and cheaters in community servers.

  3. True, but 80% of players voted for the devs to work on one, so they are.

  4. I am part of the 80% that votes yes, but after seeing the suggestions from players and devs I wish I would’ve voted no.

  5. Fingers crossed they repoll whether to add a skill after the first few rounds of suggestions fail.

  6. Chambers of Xeric. Hunting to complete both my ancestral set for my Shadow as well as getting my hands on the elusive Twisted bow. 1300+ kc, some teams/cms but mostly solos now.

  7. You need to utilize the drag mechanic that happens when you attempt to attack out of range.

  8. Maybe they’re just the type of people who like to leave pms open for friends and clan mates but don’t want strangers on reddit to randomly message them about something they posted here.

  9. Btw looking back I realized this was a b2b2b: arcane-dex-tbow

  10. Brother don’t look at the log pic. Dclaws this morning too at 106 kc

  11. The why is because it passed a poll with an 80% vote.

  12. The thing is, a new skill and new content aren’t mutually inclusive. There is plenty of headroom for new content that doesn’t require a new skill in order to be fun and appealing.

  13. A lot of skills could be. Like thieving, agility, slayer, construction, and farming etc. It wouldn't be too hard. Sailing could be a minigame, but it could also be a skill, it just depends on how they design it.

  14. But these skills aren’t only minigames. Just because they “could” be doesn’t that they are. I think sailing is better suited to be an activity which incorporates elements from many other skills in osrs to progress towards a reward, like how dungeoneering should have been.

  15. The problem is any new skill you can "convert" to a minigame. If that is what you think, you should be against ALL new skills. Which is fine.

  16. You wouldn’t be wrong. I voted yes to a new skill in hopes of seeing some truly original and out-of-the-box suggestions by both the devs and the community, but after seeing what they’ve come up with, I’m ready to put the idea of a new skill permanently on the shelf.

  17. Yeah I agree, and so far the responses have all just been "I dislike other skill." That to me is a really bad reason to support a skill. If you like none of them you should vote no so we can see ones you do like.

  18. Thats basically the majority of the arguments on this sub atm. As soon as you attempt to rationalize what constitutes as a good, practical skill, people deflect and start giving very opinionated reasons on why they don’t like the other skills even when you’ve mentioned nothing about the others.

  19. Augments would either be useless or break the game, summoning would either be useless or break the game, sailing is full of cool shit and infinitely expandable. It's not even a question.

  20. Except sailing doesn’t need to be a skill. Just add it in as a minigame and there’d be virtually no hinderance to the developer’s creative space.

  21. Shamanism doesn't need to be a skill, just add it as a minigame and there'd be virtually no hindrance to the developers creative space.

  22. You’d be surprised. Historically, while the South supported slavery, they were less prejudiced on a personal level. The vast majority of African Americans live(d) in the South, therefore exchange and understanding of cultures was much more common than in the North despite the hierarchy and extremist groups that developed. Many white slave owners were raised by slave caretakers in the household, whereas many of the folks in the North did not have those kinds of connections.

  23. We also don’t need a minigame that has it’s own dedicated skill tree. It can function well without one.

  24. Yeah like runecrafting. Or mining. Or fire making. Or fishing. None of those skills were replaced with a minigame

  25. Yeah, they weren’t. True blood altar, amethyst mining, angler fishing, etc. are still popular methods for training those skills.

  26. The only proposed skill that fits your best case is sailing because taming and shamanism will both change the meta of likely pvm and skilling.

  27. At that point just scrap the thought of a new skill and make sailing a new minigame activity.

  28. Why, so pessimists like you can bitch how Jagex doesn't post any new content?

  29. Honestly, they can still make new content anytime they want.

  30. All of the other skills have minigames as an optional method for training, instead of being the only way to train. There is a distinct difference between that and the notion that sailing could just be a minigame instead of a skill, because it totally can be.

  31. Saying it will have one way to train is just an assumption at this point. The proposal is at an early stage so there's no reason multiple training methods can't be offered after feedback. I suggested a few different potential aspects of Sailing in the OP.

  32. I just don't know how they could implement several different ways to train it without it feeling either forced or occupying some sort of niche that should be fulfilled by a different skill.

  33. Dhcb/zcb/shadow gamer on the hunt for the elusive tbow

  34. First complaining about lantern rates, and now after the recent poll it’s the pearl drop rates.

  35. Tbow and shadow are the only ones with multipliers on their damage. Scythe still smacks, but it scales like other weapons

  36. Scythe still has insane scaling; for every 1 max hit every other weapon gets from a minor strength boost, the scythe gets 3 max hits.

  37. When you spoon a tbow and shadow then all your shards become divine potions 🙂

  38. Depends imho, but frost has been by far one of the strongest for later game stages. Has the strength of obsidian arrows but with the frost effect, which monsters such as tar growths, gjalls, and seekers are vulnerable too. Not to mention the slowing effect is helpful for making moving targets like fulings easier to aim at.

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