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  1. Can you be a world class player even if you lack physical strength? As in you're physically weaker than 75% of all footballers.

  2. Yes Neymar and Di Maria were skinny since they were young Di Maria's nickname is Fideo (noodle) because he's so skinny

  3. It it doesn't already exist as an option the wiki says you have to message the mods and they'll add it for you

  4. Thanks I'm waiting for a response. I've seen users with the new badge but it's not on the list

  5. It's kinda fucked that Victor "Pocho" Guzman won't get called up to the national team because of a stupid mistake like using drugs. He has moved past that incident becoming one of the best players in Liga MX and leading Pachuca to the title. And now he's balling out with Chivas

  6. I don't think any goals should count. Every match should end 0-0. But ok.

  7. I read somehwere that Érick Gutiérrez is the new captain but he isn't even starting for Mexico?

  8. Most people don't want Gutierrez as a starter. I haven't heard anyone mention the captaincy for him

  9. I was in an article by our local PSV journalist. I said he was captain during the win over Suriname, maybe he / I misinterpreted it and it was a only a one time thing.

  10. I didn't watch the game against Suriname but our line up was full of young players so it's possible

  11. We have to beat Atlas to stay within reach of top 4. And losing two clásico back to back would hurt like hell

  12. He’s too much of a legend to be hated on if he fails everyone will know its the team’s fault

  13. I don't support Newcastle United or any club outside of Mexico. Especially not an NFL team for losers

  14. The South American teams are going to butt fuck us next year. I'm legit worried about playing against Ecuador

  15. USMNT player says USMNT is better… More news at 11

  16. But would Chofis get a chance after sexual assault allegations? You see it all the time in Europe with players like Mendy, Benzema, Ribery, etc

  17. Honestly speaking he should have been in this last world cup I mean if Antuna, Piojo, and Jimenez were the options then surely he was decent enough to replace one of them no?

  18. Don't hall ass over speed bumps you could damage it. Just grab a rock and scrape the bottom with your hand

  19. Still the best player in MLS. A product of Guadalajara's academy 🐐🇫🇷

  20. Am I off base in saying that Rooney breaking the goals record seemed like an exponentially bigger deal than Kane doing it?

  21. Ancelotti doesn't have enough tactics to improve Brazil. It doesn't make sense to hire him

  22. That's a squad with U20 standouts, Brazilian league standouts, players making their debut and a couple off odd choices with Casemiro, Rodrygo, Vini and Militão on the starting lineup

  23. I know Brazil is one of the favorites to win in 2026. I'm just saying Ancelotti isn't the right choice

  24. Kinda random but would you wear other countries jerseys?

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