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My husband started acting strangely upon my sister's pregnancy announcement.

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  1. Remember how stressful it was when a poor puckhandling goalie went behind the net?

  2. I love henke but watching him play the puck took years off my life.

  3. DO NOT GO INTO THIS FIELD. It’s dying out and nobody cares if you’re a BCBA. Also have brain damage. Psych gets paid more and is so much easier.

  4. Depends on what you want to do of course but GIS is probably the most in demand skill set and will help whatever work you do have a higher impact, you can do online certifications if you're interested in that.

  5. More springtails and other fungivores like nematodes will help. Another important thing you can try to do to keep mold down is keep ventilation high and remove foods that don't get eaten. Any foods left behind growing mold needs to be tossed if it's not taken care of by springtails. You can also add other small critters to eat leftover foods like the isopods and dermestid beetles. In my experience dairy cows take a little longer for their population to grow than the powders so I'd add both back if possible. It's also recommended that anything new you add into your enclosure be baked before adding to help kill spores. The main thing that has helped me combat the mold is removing extra food and lots of springtails

  6. Do not move to the northeast unless you’re willing to brave the cold of VT, NH, ME. Pretty chill and beautiful states. New York, Boston, Philly, etc. are the upside down.

  7. I just left an agency where the director was married to one of the techs and gave him much higher pay and preferential treatment. He would boss the BCBA’s around as well and blatantly say no to the BCBA’s when they tried to give corrective feedback. I quit today :-)

  8. Stop the press, Boston and Philly aren’t classy cities?!

  9. Kid needs a school psych. ABA won’t touch this. We need to just pony up and acknowledge our limitations as a field.

  10. Honestly not much. Just more research experience. I don’t personally know any BCBA-D’s who are any better at their jobs than regular BCBA’s.

  11. So you believe Autistic people should die if they are not convenient to you?

  12. And we jumped from autism to antisemitism somehow this thread is a gift from the heavens 😂😂😂

  13. Louder for the people in the back - most people don’t care about your kids on a regular day. And they especially don’t care to have them at a $50k event. Parents, sometimes it’s not all about you and your kids, and the attention can go to someone else for a day.

  14. It's impossible to be honest, they all have "miserable parents to deal with" so its all supporting one another. If you bring any sort of outside perspective into it. Especially legal things, you'll get down voted into the ground

  15. You guys play the victim so hard id think you were millennials.

  16. I don’t think people realize who I was actually making fun of in that comment. 🤦‍♀️

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