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  2. 90% boredom with about 10% sheer terror.

  3. Shrinking down to the size of an ant only to suddenly grow to 60-70 ft once inside your enemy's anus.

  4. Hungary? The country where CPAC is hosting conservative Americans this year? That Hungry? Got it.

  5. I’m just wondering if you googled movie titles with American in it. Are you a bot?

  6. no bot. just thought I'd pick a theme with my answer.

  7. It's always wrong to kill innocent people. But it's wrong and stupid to kill innocent people who have video and audio recording equipment that can document their murder.

  8. Probably sticking them in NASA's Space Environments Complex in Ohio.

  9. With a bunch of people who were already in the americas, who they definitely had children with.

  10. The Pilgrims were by no means 'alone'. They had a

  11. Cast people with no acting experience and director with no directing experience


  13. The Partridge Family - a modern reboot with the Duggars as the cast.

  14. "I once knew a Mexican president with a wooden leg named Santa Anna."

  15. Conservatives have to concentrate on nonsense like this because they have absolutely nothing to offer the working class economically.

  16. Part of the reason political parties exist is to advance an agenda called a platform. This platform is a list of things the party wants to accomplish in the next term and a list of fors and againsts. The national Republican Party has no 2022 platform. The 2020 platform was very literally their 2016 platform. Meaning for the last 6 years the Republican party cannot be bothered with coming up with a list of things they can present to the American people that they want to hang their collective proverbial hat upon. In short they are not wanting to lead but still want that power.

  17. I'm now imagining a "Producers" style black comedy about two Hollywood producers whose studio is so in the red they only way they can save it is to cash in on the life insurance policy they have on the A-list star of their only remaining franchise. So they keep engineering wilder and wilder stunts and secretly sabotaging them, but the star just obliviously walks through each accident without a scratch like Road Runner avoiding Wile E. Coyote.

  18. He [Justice Thomas] called the "intervention" by federal courts an "affront to the state and its citizens who returned a verdict of guilt" and said that federal courts "years later" lack the "competence and authority to relitigate a state's criminal case."

  19. No, the Federal courts are not supposed to relitigate anything.

  20. He's relabeling the appellate process by calling it 'relitigating'.

  21. Decide how finances, chores and space is allocated before you move in.

  22. I know it’s just a typo, but “hobbitron” put a very fun image in my head. Thank for that!

  23. Mary and Pippen on lightcycles would be dope.

  24. oh my mind went right to a giant 5 foot tall mech with furry feet wandering the NZ countryside complaining about a lack of second breakfasts

  25. He added that a decision on whether to require the three to reimburse the United States for education costs in lieu of service will be made by the secretary of the Air Force.

  26. Wow. That sucks. It seemed like the first year was the toughest. Why did he drop out?

  27. He was older so I'm guessing it happened in the late 80s, early 90s. I don't remember him mentioning why. He was in the reserves for a while too.

  28. Tina Fey mentioned that he was the most demanding 'person' to work with.

  29. Legality is only half the issue, most companies don't want to risk a driver being inebriated at all and if insurance companies had their way all semi trucks would have a breathanylizer that'd lock the truck at .015. Insurance companies have already gotten their way with new alcohol "sensors" required in all new cars, it's only a matter of time before hard control devices are required for new commercial trucks.

  30. They're OK with chiropractors handing out DOT physicals though.

  31. It's not mentioned in the article but didn't traffic accidents go up in the pandemic? If that's the case and since the article mentioned truckers get tested after accidents that would also lead to part of the spike in popping on a test.

  32. Kyle recounted punching out a man he nicknamed “Scruff Face” for saying the SEALs “deserve to lose a few” in Iraq, at a bar near a California SEAL base that was the site of both a SEAL reunion that Ventura attended and a wake for a fallen SEAL that Kyle helped host. Kyle later said he was referring to Ventura.

  33. I never read the book or watched the movie. But I served in the same Navy as him. And I can say with quiet authority that he served to protect everyone's free speech right to not give respect to him or his family.

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