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  1. Can someone explain what the fuck is a passkey? Is it like a password except your device’s unique ID is the identifier?

  2. If you unscrew the seat itself there is a really good spot along the curve of the seat. It both fits snuggly and doesn’t interfere with the signal.

  3. Hey, im from Darmstadt. Keine Ahnung warum ich englisch schreibe aber ich bin von Darmstadt und fahre ein S3, gern kann er es mal ausprobieren, freue mich immer neue Leute kennenzulernen, kannst mir ja eine Nachricht schreiben und wir können uns besser unterhalten But when you just speak English is here the translation: I drive an S3 and your Flatmate can try it if he want, you can text me and we can talk what to do

  4. Nice wish, I had the same and said it to the VanMoof support as wish but they said that a blinking back light would not be possible because red lights mean attention there is an accident and they don’t like this Music Feature. I think they should turn the ring volume a bit quiter or give the option to change it

  5. Such a shame, a beautiful bike and I love the features especially display in the frame. So much bad feedback made me cancel and buy a Cube

  6. I need to say that these bike are all one from the beginning, this failures are no longer in the newer models, I would buy one at any time again

  7. Don't apologise! I'm sorry for forgetting to include it, but yes I do move it and the back tire gets dragged across the ground as the lock won't disengage

  8. Call the support, my bike hast the first day a problem with detecting the Lock, somebody could move my bike without the alarm triggered or the lock stays in. VanMoof replaced my Bike in 2 days

  9. When i open the app it says that i have to connect the bike to unlock, But is Connected (Use it on my old android galaxy s10)

  10. I already have a lot of people who are currently testing on iOS but I’m writing down everyone’s name that is also asking to join, so if I need your help I’ll reach out to you!

  11. Same issue for me... firmware 1.2.7 and light in auto setting is always on!

  12. I habe become beta user from the android App, there i can calibrate the light, bis everything works Fine

  13. Every time I hit update nothing happens. It loads and stops again.

  14. Firmware update fixes that; my OTA update arrived last week

  15. I got one too, I forgot the pump when I sent my bike back, the new one was there again, but found the pump rather useless because it takes forever to inflate

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