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Accidental racism

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  1. You mean guy with privilege get away with crime. There I changed it for you.

  2. it's a private community and I tried to add it in my community but it refused'!

  3. Darren's a little bit, bit, bit, show, John is a little bit, bit, bit, shame

  4. Oh wow - ok, maybe if you get to 3rd grade , you’ll know. Holy shit I can’t believe you double-downed on your idiocy, then a cherry on top with your sub link - that is fucking classic.

  5. hehe, look here folks, we got an astrophysicists on our hands, look out.

  6. If you care about them you should say. Someone who lives there or close by might see this and actually do something about it

  7. personally I want to steer clear of the doxing rules. there are groups forming to help the 2, taking them into town and whatnot, keeping them safe.

  8. Take a pic of the thing attached to the modem, and call your service provider's customer support to check if the visit is legit.

  9. it was legit. he was trying to fix it for the 4 hours but couldn't access what he needed because nbn sealed it. also just found out that we've been using 4g for 12 months and not the nbn we pay for. thanks optus, ya bag of dicks

  10. I doubt it but could it be Syndicate? He had a Minecraft series back then called The Syndicate Project

  11. I had a look and that wasn't it. the guy was younger. I think he had like 200 episodes or possibly 500 im not sure

  12. He had hundreds of videos and one I remember was his house tour of some kind and he had a house in a mountain with a massive window, and I think he had a tree house similar to captain sparklez. TIA

  13. got a few questions, what is the system monitor you use, what do you use for the now playing widget, and how do you get your neofetch to look like that

  14. Yeah that's what I was leaning towards but unknown of the drove is local or remote and how it "needs" to be mounted in order to use it properly.

  15. okay. ive got arch installed with plasma kde as my DE. im rather new too all this and the drive is one out of my old computer. its a 1tb hard drive.

  16. Okay. Are you asking if you can use the stuff you have on the drive or how to format it? Personally, I would not rely on NTFS (the windows filesystem). I would rather format the drive to ext4, mount it somewhere in your home and point steam at it - if you want to use it for games.

  17. genuinely, thankyou. your advice helped more than you know, I was able to bunker down and learn how to make an fstab entry and kick-started me being able to better use my arch system :)

  18. if sassy has a computer I think he'd definitely use Hannah Montana Linux or possibly Jewbuntu.

  19. for anyone wondering, i posted it a while ago on another account. but now ive made it public for everyone to use :)

  20. It's OK apart from the weird wallpaper lol.

  21. next, you can try using your laptop for something. Maybe work or gaming

  22. Check cool retro term by Swordfish90 on GitHub.

  23. I've been using it for a week now and im actually in love. was surprised to see it here tbh, didn't think a lot of you would be a fan

  24. Maybe you have high blood pressure you should get checked. I can squeeze all my muscles very hard and do not black out but I don’t try more than like 5-10 seconds lol maybe if I eat Taco Bell

  25. I dont know how to explain it. but its like forcing my blood to my head by tensing my body

  26. Depends what you like. I’d try the Layan GTK/KDE theme and Tela Circle icon theme.

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