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  1. Greatest physique? I think your panties are wet from his hair.

  2. If you’re not afraid of the rabbit hole there’s plenty of subs on Reddit to get you what you want. I’d stay away from the legacy and expensive systems like Control.

  3. Did you factor in the efficiency degradation of the panels over those 20 years? The grid is constantly being updated on both the T&D and generation side.

  4. Degradation is about 0.5% year. Questionable about what constantly being updated really entails. The US grid is not as robust as similar countries.

  5. In the rainiest parts of the PNW you can get up to 200 inches per year. Let's say a hypothetical roof has 1000 square feet and is an average of 20 feet off the ground. The total energy available from such a system would be about 30 million joules, or about 8 kwh, per year, which is not very much, unfortunately -- about 1% of one month's worth of energy for the average US home.

  6. I think first powerwall is $12,500 additional ones are $8k.

  7. It doesn’t help you now, but my standard advice is to get 1 more PW than you think you need. This comes after a year with 2PW and wishing I had 3….

  8. Yea I think this is the direction I’ll be going. Teslas site recommends two. But what’s another ~$8k… so be super safe and get 3.

  9. This saves an amazing amount of tp

  10. Do it, I promise it will make your hole weak!

  11. All the island hype got you!?!?! The YouTube influencers were really hyping it up.

  12. So my parents were born and raised in the shit parts of Philly. Fortunately my mom and dad worked hard, went to temple, and then other universities for the masters.

  13. Most people go get tint or ppf, stealth or whatever right after picking up their Tesla.

  14. Trump really emboldened these shitbags.

  15. Respect to the AirPods for stayin on. Whatever he was bumping however clearly was not moto enough.

  16. Dude in black took a direct blow to the AirPod in the ear lol. Can’t confirm if dude in red stayed in.

  17. 2022 why the video quality so doodoo….

  18. I think the shear size is what's blowing my mind. I was never into GI Joe as a kid, but I see the W.H.A.L.E and Aircraft Carrier 🤯. They sold these things to children?! 😂

  19. Yea it was definitely a different time back then. I had the WHALE. I’m not sure how much it retailed back then, but my parents would never buy me super expensive Xmas present, so I’m thinking it was reasonably priced. (Don’t quote me on that.)

  20. Honestly at the point, I’m all for an increase in natural selection

  21. I haven’t charged an EV with a front port so I can’t say I have a preference. I rarely use public chargers but when I do I don’t mind backing in. Now my wife would hate it, especially since Tesla’s cables are so short. I know people gripe about having a motorized charge port but i prefer that over manually closing it.

  22. 3,2,1 the order I’m plugging their holes.

  23. Also a very common issue for people with ADHD. I didn't really get out of that cycle until I started taking stims. I tried everything I could think of for decades (including meditating on and off) but nothing else helped like Adderall did.

  24. I recently brought up anxiety to my doctor. I have a family history of anxiety and ADHD. And I very much fit the pattern of OP and much of the comments like yours resonate with me.

  25. Make sure you’re familiar with contract if you weren’t prior to signing. I understand the frustrations with the phone calls, but do not cease communication simply because of that. Have the phone conversation and then recap it in an email. Do you know anyone that has worked with this builder, and may have some advice or similar experience.

  26. Understood, I saw where all 50 states have been provided the go-ahead. And I'm speaking clearly on an investment stance. It would be nice to know who states are looking at contracting with now that funds are approved.

  27. Some congressmen/women are probably one step ahead of you…. Probably helped select who’s building them out too.

  28. I’m slurping those life force juices down.

  29. Thank you for recording on a camera that was sold in the past decade. Always baffles me how it’s 2022 and there’s still so many videos on social media recorded on some crap phone.

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