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  2. I am a "plastic" and couldn't care less. People really pay too much attention to things like that. Chances are, you reading this on a Chinese smartphone, using a TV manufactured by a South Korean company (mine is the LG C1 OLED) while drinking Coca-Cola, owned by a company from the States. The world is globalised, man. No point in tribalism. We live in 2021, not 717, you do realize that? Now, if you chose some obscure team from the other side of the world, you could argue it's virtue signalling or whatever. I would still maintain it's within your rights. But, if you choose to support a foreign team because you like them and the way they play, who cares. Just don't jump the ship when things go awry. And actually, I have been to a Real Madrid match just this year. Won't name which one to avoid doxxing myself, but I in Spain at the time, so I took the opportunity and saw the game with my own eyes. And hell, will it be a memory for a lifetime.

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