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  1. Our FC delayed our safety shoe purchase until June when we were told we would get a new pair in January. PDX9 I bought the wolverines.

  2. You don’t keep your phone in your pocket ?

  3. You should try to check with your PA/AM/PG. In my department, they usually have an interest list and if something comes up they will notify you. Of course it all depends how management is at your building

  4. You have to qualify to cross train… no active write ups, being at a VC3 and higher in pick (more than 80hrs in path) and your AM will have to submit a cross training request ticket to Learning so they can set up the class. Once you are cross trained to Pack you will have 90 days and then you’ll either have to be in Pick for 5 hours to retain perms or lose them.

  5. Our FC just cancelled all cross training. I was scheduled to learn Stowe so I could get hours inbound and outbound. Definitely a let down to find out 15 minutes before your shift all cross training canceled. Pdx9

  6. Asking for someone’s fc name and location is not being weird it is the only way to compete. Kind of like asking someone’s screen name so you can play online game bruh.

  7. Pdx9 it’s ok different manager different day. GM hides behind the scenes only see him at town hall meetings and PR events. Some managers ok and I don’t answer survey questions.

  8. I'm not exactly a fan of the idea, mostly comes down to religion, but it's nobody's job to judge someone and treat them as separate the way many do to the LGBT community. Leave that to Jesus, let them enjoy their life. And no, I'm not trying to imply that they're damned because of LGBT, I'm just saying it's not our job to estrange what is otherwise a nice human being. I hope this doesn't come across as offensive, I know it's a touchy subject but that's just my opinion.

  9. Leave that to Jesus refers to certain religions which some religions don’t believe in Jesus.

  10. Equality but not privileged. I don’t think talking about the bedroom or lover is necessary at the workplace whatever your preference.

  11. Problem some countries don’t want a non citizen taking away work from a native so sometimes getting a working visa maybe difficult. I was looking into Munich muc3 because it looks like they have 90 different languages spoken there and looks like a good change of scenery. I read I had to be level 5 but there are always waivers. Best of luck to you.

  12. Don’t blame or yell at dealer if you lose. If you are not sure just ask. Take your time it’s your $$$. Don’t say what’s the count to your friend at the blackjack table. Raising and lowering your bet by a big margin and winning draws heat from the pit.

  13. That’s how they get promoted just remember to wear your see through leggings you’re next shift… you will be a process guide in no time flat… I see it all the time. Good luck just think baseball. it’s boring and slow makes everything go down just ask Willy he was one of the best players of the game. Just don’t tell your wife or girlfriend about the story especially if she’s insecure.

  14. I almost did the same thing when I first started because the bathrooms on the North and South sides are switched I made it inside just to notice the difference of a vending machine on the wall I never saw in a men’s bathroom before. Then the next day I went into the main bathroom by the lunchroom and I swore it was the men’s bathroom but I saw the same machine that I saw when I accidentally went into the women’s bathroom so I hurriedly rushed out to verify it was the men’s. I thought I was going crazy but it was the men’s.

  15. Last peak I worked UPS loading air containers at night 5 days a week and working Amazon during the day picking 80 to 90 hours a week between both jobs. Twin peak.

  16. Really I think employees are crazy not to want to unionize. New hires often get paid more than the learning ambassadors training them. They reward hard work with candy and recognition and not money and they actually pay employees to quit ( known as the buy out) but they don't pay employees to produce. I actually think a union is not only good for the workers but I think it's actually better for amazon as a company. Leadership at amazon is totally incompetent so the more fc that are under union control the better. Amazon would probably make more profit under a union arrangement 🙂.

  17. Look at what the teamsters did for package handlers at UPS? Moral low, less than 19% voted, terrible working conditions example no heat in hub near conveyor sometimes 20 degrees while handling 125lb John deer shipments or irregulars. No ac in the summer. No medical for part timers for 9 months and you pay union dues, no safety shoe stipends etc.

  18. And we didn't get a bonus. It's messed up how managers get bonuses but the workers don't. So we did all the work but you are the ones that get the bonus? Makes sense...

  19. Goatsensation I am calling you out. Explain your facts for managers bonuses? What level are you talking about this year? I went to 3 managers from level 3 to 5 at Pdx9 they are not getting bonuses. This misinformation should not be assumed and you should be responsible for it. Good luck on your future posts.

  20. One of my jobs working for a government contractor in office furniture in Hawaii we got dinner at Oahu country club for Xmas and in the summer the owner rented out a beach house and we got paid to attend with our family etc and people still complained.

  21. Didn’t even participate. Would rather have my $3 extra peak pay and no it doesn’t say Covid pay on my last year’s statement it says peak pay. somebody replied it was because of Covid.

  22. Share the wealth Amazon. Double overtime retroactive from start of peak, $3 an hour peak pay and end of year bonus. Amazons stock will go through the roof because they laid off 10000 employee’s. Demand is still strong during peak unlike prime.

  23. No peak pay or double overtime when we need it the most. Oh yeah no end of year bonus either.

  24. I’m sure after the new year there will be some kind of severance or career path…

  25. Ours went great. Leadership really put in time to the presentation and even stayed after for anyone that had additional questions. We even played the price is right lol

  26. I’m assuming you’re flex, there’s never going to be a time to post shifts when nobody is working. I keep my phone in my pocket and take it out a minute before they are about to post so I can snag some shifts.

  27. They should observe it as a federal holiday on that basis alone

  28. I agree it should be a federal holiday or at the least Veterans should get it as a paid Holiday similar to a floating holiday. I am bringing this up as a Veteran I usually had to work on Veterans Day while other friends that didn’t serve would get it off. Just something to think about.

  29. We have some federal holidays that the company observes, but not all holidays. The holidays that Amazon does observe are listed on AtoZ.

  30. Devils advocate here: but is it the company's fault that rent and housing as well as all utilities and gas have all gone up outrageously in the past year? What was a living wage 3 years ago isn't one now and as others pointed out, how is that l theor fault. In order to pay you more I'd have to charge more, and when I do, I become part of the problem of rising costs of living.... it's an issue of economy, regulation, and greed.

  31. I have to disagree. Companies in the past use to profit share with their employees versus nonemployee shareholders. Companies have either padded the pockets of union executives that represent their employees or taken advantage of their employees by paying lower than livable wages over the years and taking away smaller benefits to save the company more money. Where does the saved money go? Share holders many are executives or nonemployees. Bonuses for management etc.

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