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Sex trafficking victim escapes from trafficker in Plano, TX

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outside a movie theater in oklahoma

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  1. It’s at a music festival, and they are performers. Still weird though.

  2. I like to make people read me their uptime when this happens.

  3. An AR-15 so the second amendment could preemptively include clauses, or be nonexistent entirely.

  4. Bean is my brother Ender's friend. He's a genetically enhanced human with late onset gigantism.

  5. Those pussy bitches were just gonna watch that chick get kidnapped? Fuck all those people.

  6. They’ve given kids PTSD since ‘96. Have you SEEN Unagi? Or the Killer Piano? And the feeling of being in Wet Dry World? Just felt unnerving.

  7. Uhm you are legally allowed to discuss your payment information I’m most countries. It’s definitely statistically unlikely they could do that

  8. You can do it, and it's not illegal at all. Employers just discourage it because they want to pay as little as possible.

  9. So so SO many people in San Fran walk their dogs without a leash. They'd sooner leash you for calling them out than their dogs. So fucking bizarre.

  10. No. This is his third to last one. His first one he still has his normal head and then he gets a little more deformed but still has his normal head just more deformed. This is the mutation where you fight him on the platform where you have to smash him with a container.

  11. Who the hell says third to last when there are five things? Who says third to last ever period? This is his second so it would be his fourth to last, cuz there are five forms. Normal people would call this his second form.

  12. Leave. I wouldn't dare be part of a club that would accept me as a member.

  13. My fellow Americans make me want to puke... Again. They continually make me want to puke.

  14. Pretty fucked to bring up something then shun your bf for engaging and enjoying said thing you brought up. Use your words like an adult.

  15. Because they skipped aftercare, because neither of them knew the first thing about BDSM. Im guessing you don't either, because THIS is the reason aftercare exists.

  16. Cuz New Yorkers straight up don't believe other cities exist. It's a weird passion but kinda great to have that much go for your community. NYC sucks though.

  17. He wasn’t fat he was bulking, ok. It’s mass. He put on mass.

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