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Sometimes you just got to dance with the doots.

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  1. Super tame compared to other "pranks". It's all on camera so the judge isn't gonna give that old dude jack shit.

  2. I can’t wait for Ian to sneak in Anuc one of these times and absolutely break Ethan lmao

  3. Just tell him it's all gone. If you didn't need it in those five years then you don't need it period.

  4. So she's also making them tell their dad to pick up dinner for the mom's court ordered dinner. Yeah, no wonder you're getting one weekend a month, lady. You fucking suck.

  5. This Hosea is way more accurate than Clint Eastwood, for sure.

  6. I love this whole "let's get these fucking bigots out of our fanbase" thing companies are doing now.

  7. Goddamn are these people fucking morons. How infuriating

  8. Where the hell do you live? I've never seen this in my life.

  9. Lots of newer bathrooms have them where I am in CA. It's usually a circle devided into two buttons, and the smaller button is for peepee.

  10. Peeing in the pool and peeing into the pool are different things.

  11. A man capable of doing that... NEVER HAD ANY 'REAL NUTS' TO BEGIN WITH.

  12. Isn't that illegal? "Shouting fire in a crowded room" type shit?

  13. Yeah but this took a little forethought, I think we've all thrown tantrums we regret, I got pissed off in elementary school during a dodgeball game after getting tapped out, hauled off and kicked the ball into the wall and it rebounded into my face, thank god we changed schools and cell phones didnt exist...

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