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  1. Well, of course I know him. He’s me

  2. "we need you to meet someone, fall in love, have coitus, get pregnant, and deliver the baby, all in an MRI machine."

  3. To the OP, try to pull the both WA to your side. Try to address all the comments of WAs, they will champion your paper against the WR.

  4. Generally, you can expect somewhere between 55-60k. ASML is the best paying company in Eindhoven as

  5. I take it this is from the Eindhoven region? They are low ball masters, there are a few more companies there (eg. Prodrive). If you are looking in that region, ASML and Thermofisher are the better options. Note that you can much better salaries in Amsterdam though.

  6. Dress well, no need to go all professional but keep it simple and clean.

  7. 150K TC in 7 years, perhaps if you make it to FAANG and have fast growth. Looking at

  8. I disagree with many saying that this is a okay salary in Munich. Given 12 years of experience, the company is really low balling you here. 80k is reasonable for your experience. Try to negotiate more if you can. Check salaries in this company or comparable ones on

  9. I see. Didnt know about this 1.5 yr bond. I don't usually switch jobs that often so this isn't a problem. Thanks for the inputs!

  10. Which country for single non-EU? For benefits like master's degree, job prospect, and obtaining an EU passport over the years?

  11. Single, non-EU, I'd pick Germany due to easy immigration, PR in 2 years, citizenship in 8 (maybe less now with new government). Relatively better salary and similar taxes when compared to Nordics, NL and BE.

  12. Thank you, this was really helpful.

  13. For FAANG or other big tech companies, this doesn't really apply. But other local SWE roles and other jobs, you are right. Swiss first, rest of EU second and non-EU is what I know from my Swiss friends.

  14. Not a lawyer but short answer: The patents are ignored.

  15. Wait, so you are saying the implementations in TF/Pytorch are independent of the patent? I know some big corporations are avoiding it to avoid lawsuits.

  16. Hey, I can give you a really good idea about life in Eindhoven. You can compare it with Bangalore and see how it fits into your goals.

  17. You should probably mention you are talking about Baden-Württemberg (if so). Target EG16 is fine with PhD. It's normal to start below the target level. EG14 is a pretty normal entry level with PhD, but you could argue for 15 or a Leistungszulage directly on top (experience, good fit, bla).

  18. The salary at Bosch Renningen is dependent on the IG Metall scale as indicated in

  19. Well, there are several factors. There aren't a lot of details in the question, so here are some suggestions.

  20. Yann Lecun simply stated why the algorithm didn't work. Also clarified, ML engineers during production needs to be concerned with dataset biases, which makes sense. He was being completely being objective and on point.

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