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  1. I’m not an expert but I would assume because Coinbase is a us company and there are certain things in crypto that is still gray area for legalities and to keep them selves out of trouble they minimize staking

  2. Okay, so I could transfer to a wallet to get interest but it's riskier, correct?

  3. If you’re going for long I would highly suggest staking it. You’re just leaving money on the table if not and if you don’t care about daily price just stake it for the rewards. I’m in on sol but I keep it on Coinbase. I would love to stake but this is my first bull run so idk how fast everything goes and I have an exit plan so I want to still be able to liquidate real quick if I have an emergency or anything. In about 6 months when the prices are down a lot lower I’ll probably be buying and staking. Just write down or keep a copy of your private keys somewhere safe or in a safe and a wallet is fine. Just the understanding that you’re the only custodian of your crypto and if you mess something up it’s on you and no one can rescue lost funds.

  4. I am really sorry if this comes across the wrong way, but how come you even have a picture of your phantom before it was hacked? I don't want to sound like a dick, but it is somewhat suspicious to me

  5. Good question. I take screen shots of my growth but not in the wallet itself. My funds aren’t as high as this, but I’ve been documenting my $1000 investment in different directions and what’s growing. But I do it through coin stats, and have like 6-7 wallets that I move my crypto through so even if something like this happens it’s not to all my money. But I document it for my friends who are too scared to get into crypto and to look back on later.

  6. It's too late to buy now imo, I missed the train and not going to fomo.

  7. Depends on the type of palm to a degree, but yeah, mostly they don't do well with cold. North Texas is about as far north as you can go before it gets really unfeasible. My dad had to trim these down and wrap them in layers of burlap and plastic every winter for them to have made it this long. They were definitely a labor of love.

  8. My mom lost her palms in the winter storm this year. We’re outside of Dallas, lost my dad last summer, he use to keep them wrapped up and alive. Sadly they’re both gone this summer. Much love to you.

  9. Not sure if these trucks have an air ride suspension, but you could drop the bags and you’ll gain 2 inches or so. Have to let the air out of the tires enough to deflate, if knock a wrecker comes out, tugs him out, sleep the bridge and road shut down for an inspection, and make the fed ex company pay for it all.

  10. I guess that just depends on where you want your channel to go. Yes is the short answer especially if it’s derogatory curse words.

  11. More RAM will most usually always help in some way, there's a couple of other quick things you can do though that might help.

  12. Hey thank you. I do know that dropping playback resolution would help quite a bit. But I definitely think proxies is my answer to my question after doing further investigation.

  13. i really wanna use one of these as my phone you think its ok?

  14. It only violates copyright if you wanted to monetize off of it. So as long as you aren’t distributing it or trying to use the photo to make money it is fair use. If you ever use it, properly credit the original creator, and don’t use it for monetizing purposes and you’re in the clear.

  15. I love your enthusiasm. I haven’t had any hate yet. But the way I see it is must be a good thing If someone takes enough time out of their day to write something even if it’s something negative

  16. I love the style you used! Much better pace. The motion graphics are great. The only thing that's frustrating is the audio levels. Some characters are very quiet, so I turn it up, then a louder character yells "PUSSY!"

  17. Agreed, in all fairness this is 2 truck drivers with zero experience in film industry. We’re still working on getting this stuff in a timely manner working with people and teams. Next go around should be even better we’re learning new systems and probably going to beep most of the severe curses from future out. Working on mastering audio levels and so forth and so on

  18. Right on! It was just some constructive criticism. I wasn't offended by the language, I thought it was funny. Although sometimes a bleep is funnier to me than the actual word. You guys are doing a great job. I look forward to what you come up with!

  19. I love adobe premiere. But I have nothing really to compare it to other than 15 minutes or so on final cut. But friend tells me davinci is where it’s at and he has them all.

  20. I honestly like it too. The only issues I come across are the lagging, tendency to force close randomly, and the unreliability of auto-save. I enjoy the app but the drawbacks are costly :(

  21. I have heard the horror stories of it crashing quite a bit and honestly the only thing I’ve had is where it renders incorrectly from time to time. But I’m never doing anything too complicated.

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