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  1. I find that sometimes with the solid creme finish strips. Using a top coat helps. I use OPI Plumping top coat.

  2. This is from a couple of weeks ago. And I remember because I thought Alec looks kinda handsome here. Oh god, I know downvotes are coming lol!

  3. Gorgeous!! Millie marotta is my fav!!! Just picked up her new one : secrets of the sea.

  4. Wonderful. So many great details. Love the color use on the leaves. Your embellishing with posca is spot on. Blending is superb. Color choices work so well together. All around such a fantastic job!!

  5. She has a high tolerance for whatever Benzos she’s taking cos she’s mixing them with alcohol also. A normal person would be wiped out but not super Mami

  6. “a pair of hipster witches sporting Alexander McQueen and carrying their grimoires in Gucci bags.”

  7. Guys, I can't anymore. I'm starting to feel nauseous just reading this sub. God damn.

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