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  1. It's called the Nascar Hall of Fame. Not the win a couple lower tier championships and 2 crown jewel races in cup Hall of Fame.

  2. David Starr’s sponsor tried to buy the team but Chris owed so much money to everyone that people from RCR stepped in and said “absolutely not” so he sold everything off last week to pay back RCR.

  3. He expanded too quickly. Was probably hoping to have more success this year and put all the eggs in one basket. The rotating sponsorship and even the comments from Fast Pasta and Jeb implied they hardly had any cars too.

  4. There’s a lot of people who have the right to be mad at Chris Our but Jeb Burton is absolutely not one of them. He destroyed a majority of their inventory, Chris lost so much money on Jeb’s deal. Even Anthony. No one else would have run that season with a full lease motor program.

  5. Seems like drivers got away with their sponsorship to go run somewhere else. Jeb and his horrible summer run killed many many cars. Shame cause they had potential.

  6. Sellers has a great perspective of it all. And he's right, Cup guys should go to Irwindale.

  7. You could always just put it back and buy what you want. Leave it for someone who wants it. It's delicious.

  8. The fact that I had to move my phone along with the battle made it so much more intense.

  9. R.I.P. Dave.. It genuinely sucks that people think he just died of a drug overdose.

  10. Didn't he die of heart failure? I've never read anything related to drugs within this band

  11. Thank you for this post. Never heard of them so I checked them out..I enjoy them alot.

  12. Couldn't tell you why they never at least blew up with one hit, check ya should have at least been their one hit if anything

  13. Theyre trying to give Starry the push it needs.. letting it get the shelf space they've invested in. They pushed PB back a little to let Starry grow.

  14. This is your daily reminder that Derrike Cope has just as many Daytona 500 wins as Happy.

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