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Day of the Dead drone art

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Researchers found that 27 petawatt-hours of electricity could be generated each year from rooftop solar power alone across the globe. This is multiple times more energy than the world uses annually.

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  1. The nose buckled a lot as well and the nosewheel collapsed fully sending sparks everywhere.

  2. That moment when you have the pizza in hand, ready to take a bite and the box closes on you... LoL, as if...

  3. 22 vierkante meter aan lucht voor bijna 7 ton... WTF, dat is gekkenwerk...

  4. We don't give two shits indeed and This is good to read about, finally a small business owner that isn't bullied away by a giant corporation just because they're bigger, in my own country no less.

  5. 1946-"59 (Steam/Raypunk +) Dieselpunk with a dash of fantasy magic. Basically the first three to various degrees with a dash of atomic power, but not enough to really include atompunk.

  6. Day of the dead or callout to Mexican deatheaters?... That do be looking nice 🙂, nothing short of magical when one looks at such a display.

  7. Which changes absolutely nothing about my earlier statement, good day to you as well.

  8. You'd expect that if they can save amsterdam with these "special dams" that they can save the entire country (and belgium too) much like the dutch have fought to gain and keep their land from the sea for centuries. Only keeping amsterdam doesn't make sense especially since that city while it's labelled the capital doesn't really hold all that much of actual importance....

  9. Maybe because of the crisis they had little money? It's just that if the territory remains unchanged, then the map will be boring.

  10. ps, i thought some more on this as a thought experiment.

  11. I want to be able to draw maps like this, this looks good!

  12. My setting is basically a "small" part of a "inverted planet" yet is as big as multiple earths, say you pick a country like i dunno, France, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland or Greece and that's pretty much the climate for my entire setting temperature wise, so the climate is very stable. I have seasons to give me variation and change instead of 100% monotony, but more importantly biomes vary deu to location and with altitude(temperature gradient), availability of water(river, lakes, seas and oceans, salt or sweet), wind and geometry (and thus precipitation) you get different biomes naturally.

  13. The "beginning" of the SaW setting its current age has come to be with the invention and subsequent ban of nuclear bombs which upon creation were ill understood though the theory was sound.

  14. The power of magical apocalypse is expanding I see. Awesome work.

  15. Ah, but it is one category worse my friend, it's a "nuclear magical apocalypse".

  16. Fat phobia means to be afraid of fat... I'm not afraid of you or your fat ass, i simply dislike you, the way you talk and the way you look... My dislike here is indeed a preference so... not wrong... Instead of consuming pizza, maybe try consuming actual knowledge to know the difference between having a phobia, racism/stereotyping and having preferences... SMH this is definitely cringe.

  17. The article and the technology are actually really interesting. They know people are concerned about the fire hazard and go to pains to protect the buildings from it. My question though is how stable these buildings are in the event of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods or severe storms.

  18. As long as they construct a building while keeping in mind the alternate construction materials load bearing capabilities making the final structure similar (or if possible better) in strength compared to existing buildings then performance is expected to be similar in many situations as well, perhaps the better question here is to ask how long it can last before it becomes a hazard aka "deterioration rates" and how do those values compare to existing buildings.

  19. The humanoid Pokémon are a little weird though. Stick to the classics, Pikachu, Growlithe, Tentacruel, Magnemite.

  20. Tentacruel, hmmmm.... I'll cuddle an eevee or galvantula instead m'kay... :3

  21. The way i am envisioning it in my world where airships and (water)aircraft are common and ground vehicles except for trains and carriages are much less so for various reasons, you'll probably have and need a dedicated earial police force for law enforcement, cities will need to be highly regulated with designated routes, "fly" and "no fly" zones as well as some sort of traffic control especially around the hubs acting as docks/airports. Accidents and catastrophic failures cannot be avoided but their effects can be minimized via regulation and licensing. I'd like to think of it as a combination of a sea harbour and aircraft airport, depending on the location in 3D where pilots are free but need to follow the rules and are guided in/out depending on traffic density.

  22. Because people are more invested in the environment than the war crimes happening in Yemen

  23. If they let this happen knowingly it'll only add to that laundry list of crimes no difference there, if only it would be contained to them, it is however a large problem that will negatively affect many more then just them and as such gets more coverage.

  24. In SaW, a setting in many ways roughly equivalent to the 1950s irl technology wise.

  25. Basically in my setting, SaW, there are 4 seasons, two major ones and two short transitional periods. The way it works is as follows: even though my world is a inverted (think dyson sphere) near equally lit world by two central stars there's a hot season and a cold season and a transition between each caused by the orbit and passing of a red dwarf star "near" the surface which also affects the tides.

  26. I noticed you’ve called someone retard twice now. Why are you so ableist and rude?

  27. probably because they cannot or wont admit they are wrong.

  28. i prefer "Loot-o-clock" for the top one hahaha

  29. you forgot the worst offender: Stellaris, it even has dedicated options >:D

  30. I can't say I've ever come across an example of the latter. All of my worldbuilding projects are rooted in self-gratification, but the believability is a part of the self-gratification.

  31. this is pretty much my take on this subject as well, sure, the self gratification when adding something NSFW is alright on it's own at times, but... it has to fit and be believable or it just won't do and detracts from the experience/world as a whole.

  32. Can someone explain how that rock had enough energy to blow through her ceiling but then not her bed?

  33. after losing energy by air resistance it punched through multiple layers from the roof and did not have enough energy left after the final layer(ceiling) to penetrate anything else once it reached the bed, when it landed there the soft bed material absorbed and dissipated the remainder of the impact energy and it simply landed there.

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