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U.S. Supreme Court backs public money for religious schools

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  1. If Amazonian civilizations could create terra petra then Bolsonaro can have Brazil's best and brightest soil scientists create something equal to or greater than terra petra.

  2. A conflict in Chechnya? Possible first of many uprisings inside Russia? Could be a one off event.

  3. Jew yehud today is someone who practices Judaism whether they are Israelites or converts. People from any ethnic group can convert to Judaism making them Jews Jewish. An Israelite someone who is ethnically middle eastern indigenous to the land of Israel. Israelites don't have to be Jews. Israelite and Jew don't mean the same thing and using them interchangeably is incorrect. Israelites come from one of the 12 tribes and, jews can be from any ethnic group because they converted to the religion of Yehudah. I don't understand how or why this is so difficult to understand.

  4. American Jews need a community defense force. These attacks against my people in America are only going to increase. It's best to be prepared.

  5. Back when I used to live in the States my community seriously lived the Rambam's advice to always exercise your mind/soul and body. Sundays a lot of the members cycled, others jogged early in the morning. In London I am still able to keep my physical health up. Running through nature trails in Hampton Heath. This monkey body needs physical fitness to best service my brothers and sisters. If anyone has ever held a Sephardic torah case they know upper body strength is a must. Whether Jew or gentile we need to look after our bodies. Whether theist or atheist the body has to be respected. It's not like we can transplant into new bodies so take care of the one body you have.

  6. If Russia were to nuke Ukraine there are only a few options. Europe responds with force. The European solidarity with Ukraine breaks down. The US response with tomahawks targeting Russians in Ukraine. No real US response. US supplies more heavy equipment. Either way all the options lead to consequences.

  7. Most people I know in England get 22 to 28 days off for holidays plus bank holidays. In America they get what 2 weeks paid vacations a year and maybe they get to have 4th July off. Nice try, but after Monday Americans will be back to slaving at their underpaid jobs with no savings and no retirement to look forward to and they'll most likely still be working in their 70's. Can't wait to see what fireworks will cause a wildfire in the States.

  8. It is disgusting that goyim permit incest and rape victims to give birth to abominations. The US federal government is pulled between the ideologies of edomites/Amalekites who wish to impose their religion on everyone else via the courts and legislation, and pulled the other direction by the worshippers of mammon. They are the 2 faces of the same coin and they don't even know it. Americans are truly the descendants of Amalek with the way they paint themselves as fighters of a good cause while doing evil with a smile. Now they want to trample on the natives after trampling on their own people.

  9. I hope that the other staff members of the NHS can demand a similar wage increase over time. For the benefit of all medical staff the NHS in general needs a wage increase. Reinvesting in people will help any nation ride the impending wave of change that is coming.

  10. What does Russia think that they are playing here Russian roulette?

  11. I believe the IRS paperwork to file as a religion requires a minimum of 5 people. Some people might take advantage of that.

  12. North Korean style sanctions for Russia.

  13. Human ape nature gets in the way so people make up myths. States are just collections of human apes making the decisions that they think are best for their group. Chimpanzee coalitions can be a useful resource in the study of IR at least from an evolutionary perspective.

  14. The arc of history bending towards justice is an adult fairytale/myth. At the end of that arc is there a utopia or some paradise? Is that arc just half of a circle meaning that this half is the evil section of the circle, and if so, that just means an endless cycle of arcs of justice and arcs of injustice. So what does that mean for the problem of evil in postmodernist cultures like America?

  15. I'll hit some military history books to see if aggression has worked before for others.

  16. So the only species of humans likes the same stuff across cultures.

  17. This is like that dog meme where the house is on fire but this is worse.

  18. Sad that this is what it takes for humanity to start taking psychedelics seriously. Do good for the sake of the rewards of profits.

  19. If Ukraine loses this war the Western allegiance will fall apart. Trust and faith in any "fraternity" like NATO, EU will be gone. At least this isn't as bad as when the League of Nations collapsed.

  20. Saudi Arabia should tighten the tap even more. I wonder how high oil will go in prices since Russia has been banned to some extent, Venezuelan, and Iranian oil are sanctioned to some extent. Can't do overnight diplomacy with Venezuela and Iran, and the infrastructure isn't there to pump overnight what's needed. Russia and Saudi Arabia might just nuke oil into sky high prices that could break nations because they won't be able to afford oil.

  21. Glad to be a permaculture homesteader. Time to learn how to make my own sriracha.

  22. Those who fail to learn from history will live in a time loop forever repeating the same mistakes in different eras.

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