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  1. Yeah we know “ I just died in your arms tonight must’ve been some kinda kiss

  2. Depression, lack of access to healthcare, cost of healthcare, type/style of work, and the relation to amount of income. Last but not least, drugs and alcohol

  3. If they deport you from Canada to US I think it’s an automatic deepest apologies

  4. Have you not read whats been going on in the markets? They were talking about a difficult correction for Real Estate

  5. This is why dca and long term thinking is so important in markets. 5-10 years from now I’ll be glad I put money in weekly. Downturns allow for more cap usage

  6. It seems violently oversold. I know the weakness its falling on is telling. But im hopeful for a strong q4 start after such s heinous q3 finish. People acting like apple doesnt have the strongest balance sheet around.

  7. RSI doesn’t matter a whole lot ime. Read the candles for pivot points ie hh/hl

  8. Supply, tariffs, and lastly demand should fall in line with interest rates… albeit may be slowly. I really hope we don’t have another ‘08

  9. Didn’t the nazis try to ban/burn books also? 🤔 seem to remember something about mistakes and history repeating itself

  10. There’s some carried interest rules involved but you’re sol cuz I believe they don’t backdate. You can however, carry that loss forward lol

  11. Cap1 likes to see usage. Their cli’s and product acceptance seem to be all algorithm based. Even calling in to a csr will get you nowhere

  12. Could be a Renntech. Body kit looks like theirs. That explains the R also

  13. Depends on your trading style. You seem to be using more than one? Stick with one only. Either wait for break/retest and find a better entry or adjust your tp and stops accordingly. Based on your entry here, and volume, should’ve lowered your entry to above the wick, tp at the top of last high, and stop at the last candle low

  14. Bro I was legit curious since I came here from /all, I don't even understand half the shit that's written here lmao

  15. Damn… this is the bridge the friends jumped off that parents warn about to us as children 😂

  16. Yesterday the rate was 7.2-7.3/$ while of course allowing for fluctuations the yuan usually lists around 6-6.5/$

  17. "But saying or implying that the court is becoming an illegitimate institution or questioning our integrity crosses an important line.”

  18. Not to mention the statement itself shouts “ we’re illegitimate” and rightly so

  19. I hope they appeal this one also. Farcical f’n judge should be recused

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