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  1. I understand it’s hard but the stuff they are talking about is horrible. Doesn’t seem worth the high.

  2. It's more complicated than that. Opiate withdrawals, in particular, can kill you, so it's not as easy as just quitting.

  3. It’s not… the dehydration caused by the withdrawal, combined with people not doing much to alleviate the dehydration given the pain, kills people. ERs and detox centers also are more likely to turn away people withdrawing from opioids than people withdrawing from alcohol or benzos, so there’s a larger likelihood of not finding a place to withdraw safely.

  4. She still has all 3, I remember seeing the pups for like .5 seconds in a video of Ami playing with them a few months back! I was worried and saddened that we never see them anymore but beige baby bears still live there. Nabela, I'd love to see more dog + baby content in the future. Cute video idea: all 3 doggos meet baby #2 for the first time.

  5. Would also love to see this. Honestly, her pups are so cute. I feel like they are probably not "perfect" and that's why they are largely edited out of her life. They probably don't fit her perfectly curated and calm aesthetic.

  6. I was coming here to say the same of how her dogs have miraculously had a mention for the first time in I don't know how long!! She said "dog" but I'm sure she had at least two?

  7. I remember one had an incontinence problem. He was wearing one of those pee prevention bands. I wonder if he is still around.

  8. Yeah, overweight and obese people really do get treated worse than thin people. I don't really think confidence is a huge factor. I've been both fat and thin. Like you, I've never really had trouble making friends, finding partners, or jobs. So I've never suffered from loneliness or anything. I also never really suffered from low self-confidence because I was partially raised in a different country where there is less weight stigma.

  9. I remember a video of Seth where he packed her uncrustables (like PBJ sandwich) when they got invited somewhere just in case she didn’t like the food. He would also look at the menu before hand to make sure she could eat something. Weird

  10. Lol that's so rude, wtf. Unless you have some sort of sensory related disability (which I doubt, because we would have DEFINITELY heard about it), you just eat what people put in front of you at events.

  11. She’s gonna be in a damn wheelchair next pregnancy🙄 imagine if she had to work a real job. She wouldn’t survive

  12. Rlly hope she's done after this one. Honestly, I feel bad for those kids having their entire life out there for the public to consume.

  13. As a formerly plus-sized brown girl, I lived my dream plenty then and also now as a thinner person! I have plenty of fat brown friends who are living their dreams. Our dreams just weren't so centered around the accumulation of stuff lol. It's a little insulting that she imagines that the rest of us don't have fulfilling and whole lives.

  14. She had to share a room with his sister growing up.. oh and she didn’t get monogrammed towels even though apparently all her friends did.

  15. Wait, what? Has she said that? If so, soooo tone deaf. I think most people share a room with a sibling at some point. I'm a girl and shared a room with my little brother until high school. Was it annoying...YES! Was it!

  16. Thank you for delivering 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Her voice isn’t bad! I wonder what led her to erase this part of her past??? Not very cool girl beige aesthetic? Can’t have pockets of peace and music?

  17. Agree with everything you said! I think she’s trying to be a blank canvas now, that everyone can project onto. This probably furthers her home decor side hustles as well as POP. Anything showing her individuality/personality has to go.

  18. Because 1- the state is so ingrained in how we think about governance people can't imagine anything else actually working 2- the state is so embedded in our societies that implementing a non state based system has only a slim chance of going smoothly, and some people just don't think it's possible without inciting years of chaos and violence, or at all

  19. Yeah, I’m a statist socialist and fall squarely into category 2. I imagine state socialism as a transitionary stage between what we have now and libertarian socialism, mostly because I don’t know how we would get there otherwise? If anyone wants to recommend readings on that, I’d happily check them out!

  20. Honestly, I dislike her for so much…but this isn’t like a particularly decadent meal if you’re eating out.

  21. Also has she changed her name on instagram to Nabela Noor Martin or has it always been like that?

  22. I noticed this too. It’s interesting because Noor isn’t even her real maiden name to begin with. Since it’s just her influencer/public persona name I don’t see the gain of adding Martin onto her Instagram name.

  23. I think she struggles with hair loss. It’s common for people with PCOS. She also mentioned she lost a lot of hair when she got COVID.

  24. Off topic but Ami looks soooo much like Nabela in the second pic! Isn’t it funny how kids change? When she was born she looked like Seth! My daughter seemed to resemble my side when she was born but is now my husband’s twin! 😂

  25. I feel like she looks a lot like Nabela’s mom, especially around the eyes! They are both beautiful.

  26. It’s not a lack of homeless shelter beds. Outreach groups often get rejected by homeless people who don’t want a bed for the night because they would have to comply with shelter rules of no drugs, no alcohol, no weapons. These people are going to end up on the street somewhere. The train is just one of the most disruptive places for them to end up. At least the informal encampments get supplies dropped off and some city services such as trash removal.

  27. You're wrong...I work at a rehab largely serving unhoused people and am constantly calling 311 and shelters looking for beds for my clients. There aren't any beds open to them. Our shelter system is super overburdened. Usually when it gets warmer we see more beds open up, but so far this year that has not been the case.

  28. Priyanka was Usher's sidepiece for a few years after she shifted base to the US. How do more people not know that?

  29. I hope she wasn't one of the women he ended up giving herpes to w/o disclosing his infection.

  30. I'm actually pretty Seth he did convert. I can't remember the video, but it def came up a few years ago.

  31. I remember once on a reality tv sub, someone commented that a minor child (14 maybe 15) had "legs for days". I replied saying that I understand that the comment likely wasn't intended that way, but that it unnecessarilly sexualized a very young girl. I got like -10 likes or something.

  32. And those 5-8% US citizens mostly consists of Indian origin folks, no?

  33. I wouldn't say so, no. Vegetarianism and veganism have really taken off in popularity in the past decade in the U.S. Most vegetarians I meet are non-Indians. In some ways the non-Indian vegetarians tend to be more principled about it - they tend not to use leather products, spend time making sure products don't have gelatin, and that the cheese isn't made w/ animal renet, etc..

  34. Mexicans think vegetarian is no red meat. When they were asked this question, they were still thinking chicken and seafood as vegetarian

  35. I was in Mexico City recently -- I don't think this is true. I met lots of vegetarians and there were many vegetarian/vegan restaurants.

  36. I mean school shootings don't happen in Norway...only America, really. It's also not really a laughing matter, IMO. I'm an (Indian) therapist in the U.S. and I work w/ lots of Indian kids and they are frequently traumatized af.

  37. I think she said that they thought she wasn’t “safe”? (EDIT: apparently Gwen wondered if it was because she wasn’t safe)

  38. Gwen also mentioned on one of her vids that when she was younger she made a comment about how sol would be Kody’s first bio kid with Robyn and Robyn was like very very upset by that.

  39. Huge win? Who would value Bernie's endorsement that's not already voting for Johnson?

  40. I know some progressives who are die-hard bernie fans, who didn’t participate in the first round because they were like “Meh” about the candidates that leaned progressive. This might motivate them.

  41. Sri Lankan Burghers are a multiracial people (they are of both European and Sri Lankan descent). Her mom, as you mentioned is half Malay. Jacqueline is mutliracial, sure, and part south asian....but not just white.

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