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  1. You think that because you're dumb as hell. Go suck your mother's cock and don't ever reply to me again

  2. Stop fucking melting in this comment section

  3. Dude, people are still sending to HGA after people have pointed out all the silliness with them.

  4. How much do these interpreters get paid?

  5. Just when we're sure Texas can't sink any lower, they find a way.

  6. The correct move is to ignore the messages. If he wins and doesn't pay, you can cancel it, he gets an unpaid item strike and you can relist.

  7. You're talking apples and oranges. PSA and SGC are legitimate operations, HGA is two dipshits in a strip mall with a deskjet printer. HGA grades mean nothing.

  8. The last one was horseshit. Strike 3 to Wade was a strike and it wasn't close to being a ball

  9. This asshole just couldn't keep his Jello pudding pop in his pants

  10. Why is a UK publication running a story about an elementary school’s decision for a kid’s event in Seattle?

  11. Journalists from other other countries regularly cover US news. Some of the best reporting on US events comes from abroad, because it doesn't have the biases that US publications often do.

  12. But this isn’t news out of Washington, or a piece of hard-hitting journalism. It’s a local news story about a school administration’s decision to cancel an event. It’s just exposing something mildly controversial that’s no one’s business outside of that school district to a much wider audience.

  13. I disagree. This story is part of a huge and very significant trend in the US, which is that we are increasingly divided on more and more issues. The international perspective is valuable on this, as outsiders can see that the fabric of this nation is coming apart, and it manifests in things exactly like this.

  14. The US was ill equipped to sea with a public health crisis, but also a mental health crisis. This is sad, but ultimately not surprising

  15. Forget about the people at sea–we've got problems right here on land!

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