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  1. Yeah, it's text - it shows up under certain conditions:

  2. So it does depends on the element.... interesting. So the only universal nodes are the ones in the grey/middle part of the tree right?

  3. If I recall correctly the neutral circuit bonuses are halved while using other elements, but it's something.

  4. Another sign of original person controling Kris in this AU being asshole, i'm glad that Noelle can see how it looks like when someone nice is playing as them

  5. I was thinking that in the 'real world' this takes place in, Kris wasn't controlled by anything, and chose violence out of self-defense rather than cruelty, but I'm not sure how blurry the line is...

  6. The infinitely extending sides look a bit strange, maybe it's better if longer dialogue just spills over the edges?

  7. What is the PB interest group? It's been referenced a few times in these AARs but I don't know what it stands for.

  8. Amy is fascinating. She's one of the most genuinely sweet and heroic characters in the series, always looking out for the little guy, always trying to see the best in people, always trying her best to the point that she, a powerless little girl that grew up into a superhero in her own right.

  9. This makes me really want a story where Sonic disguises himself for some reason (maybe it's set during Forces and he wants to see what joining the Resistance is like for rookies?), and gets to see what Amy's like from everyone else's perspective.

  10. Unlikely, in that scenario both Britain and Russia have access to the Chinese market but wrt each other only have direct access to the treaty ports themselves, which could lead to indirect trade: Russia has a massive stockpile of weapons, so the wealthy Russian colonists in port Arthur buy up the guns, which they then sell for cheap in Shanghai, which the British then buy to shore up India. But that's a lot of steps. However I think it would facilitate trade between the treaty ports given they're in the same market which is very accurate to otl.

  11. I don't believe this is possible in the game as described, since goods aren't stockpiled.

  12. I like having a distinguishing between the console and the text but maybe not joy cons

  13. Maybe having only the outlines of the joycons would work?

  14. This fic is super good. The Kriselle fluff is a joy every time - the most recent chapter nearly killed me from dopamine overdose. Prose flows very well. Characters feel believable. And the Soul/Voice is just fascinating. Can't recommend enough, even to non-shippers.

  15. ...Does worm pheromone actually spawn worms? I thought it just attracted any that are already near.

  16. It's funny because Rudy is gonna die and cause Noelle to snap and become a villain

  17. He may have added omega sawblade spell on the wand, but the discs that were on the gifs were the large ones.

  18. No, those are definitely omega blades, they're almost twice the size of giga disc blades. And a lot better at digging through terrain, plus ofc the self-homing ability.

  19. Noita reminding you it can kill you at any time.

  20. It looks like you missed out my favourite event from the community:

  21. It's funny, ch2 is what made me interested in Kriselle, even as it sunk it stone dead in canon. Hopefully we'll at least get to see them being friends again.

  22. Wdym "at least"?? Them being friends is blessed af

  23. Yes, I'm just not expecting any future chapter to give them as much screentime together as ch2 did - what we got might be all we'll get :(

  24. They've vaguely mentioned that there's some sort of macro-level of control, and that great powers will likely prefer that option rather than micromanaging each state and building, though we have zero details about how it actually works.

  25. Ah, so the ship is popular overseas too, huh?

  26. Grasshead not attacking sounds like a bug, but IIRC the antlion boss is supposed to be beaten with the help of the water bubbles the jellyfish shoot, you freeze them and then whack them towards the boss I think? While the moths require you to shoot through the pillar things to hit them.

  27. My best guess is that Toby originally used that face by mistake here, but thought it was funny and left it in + added Ralsei's comment

  28. I didn't even know there were any mods (except one that replaces all the sounds with slavic voices and slapstick sounds, but I forget where I got that). Vanilla is plenty fun, at least!

  29. One of the dev responses mentions that they'll have a DD on battle mechanics later, after more of the visuals are in place:

  30. Oooh, short teleport bolt! I'd love to find this early in a run!

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