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Video from inside Oxford High School, where multiple people were shot today, of students trying to figure out if the man outside is police or the shooter

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  1. You ever get a tickle in your anus? - Larry David

  2. Yeah, im glad theres a work around but its just a bit annoying

  3. Is the work around quitting out of the deck, deselecting the filter, and then going back to the deck?

  4. Happens on Android too. I posted about it on wildhearthstone. Very annoying.

  5. I'm glad I didn't buy it, but sad because of the reason why.

  6. What kind of cop would say "check my bag bro?"

  7. Oh. Either way a cop would never speak like that.

  8. Life is a net negative experience, so I feel guilty inflicting it on more people.

  9. and yours is apparently weak since you haven't said much at all on the subject.

  10. How can one say that all life is a net negative and apply that to all life forms?

  11. I hope they fix the wild collection filter bug. On Mobile if you filter by wild and try to filter anything it reverts you to only being able to filter by wild cards.

  12. I personally won't do it until I beat it the first time.

  13. I/we would probably exclusively play 2v2 online, would that be a problem

  14. Men eat 40 percent more meat than women. Groundbreaking.

  15. They told me they had my package ready and that I just needed to click a link to accept it.

  16. Out of curiosity, what are millennials and zoomers doing that others are not? I know a few and don't see any differences in life choices.

  17. This meme represents an immature tendency to blame older generations for our problems without acknowledging one's own contribution to the same problem in the present day.

  18. It will probably be more like the Syrian Civil War than the American Civil War.

  19. If those guys can predict, but not stop, they're lying, spreading fear or punk kids with daddy rent some balls footing the bill stupid. Lol. Higher Stupid Higher paycheck.

  20. Your logic is that if something can be foreseen it can always be stopped. That is not always true.

  21. Dice needs to incentivize people playing together as a squad. Organized chaos is the key. If everyone is running around for themselves of course it's going to be a cluster fuck.

  22. With 64 players someones gotta organize a roman legion style wall with these shields

  23. Everyone lift and FIRE! HUAAAAAAAHHHH! (In unison)

  24. Yeah, yeah... I'm not bracing for anything. Happy thanksgiving everyone.

  25. More like hospitals brace for fifth wave. Everyone else is business as usual.

  26. Honestly ther is a ton of problems with the game I won’t even go into that but the base game 2042 doesn’t really have a lot of content like I just don’t get how this was in dev for 3 years and we got 22 guns and a few barren wasteland maps

  27. All that missing stuff is going to be given to us in chunks.

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