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  1. Man, I get how you feel. It's always going to be part of your story, just like how childhood is going to be part of your story someday. But you also have to let go of things you can't control. A silver lining is that there's a chance for that house to eventually have a lot of meaning to someone else eventually too.

  2. I honestly expected the skyrim intro

  3. No, straight white male. Very original, I know :p

  4. Dragon's Fury, Detonator, and Homewrecker Pyro

  5. So I can’t even play Final Fantasy without running into SwordSouls?

  6. Bring the soldier's syringe to dragon lord Aurelionite's arena

  7. Something tells me you love bloodshed

  8. If dussy makes me a heretic, then I want to be a heretic

  9. Earth and Stone, at our beck and call!

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