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  1. For Onlineshops its extremely difficult to get top google Shopping Rankings. Cause from those alone you can achieve sone pretty amazing long term results. When I first ranked the shops of my clients among the top 10 in their niche, people often kept asking me how I did that. And the answer is consistency. Try Putting out a lot of content that is truly helpful to people. For example a good blog is a good way to uplift someones shop. Try ranking in google news, do product optimization, a great google search console sitemapping and everything that makes the site rank better. But doing all of that consistently is what ranks a site up

  2. Is there a certain brand or company you plan on buying from? Maybe reach out to them asking to use their photos or if they have any available for you to use since you'll be more or less promoting them? Kinda like affiliate marketing? Otherwise have you tried the royalty free photo sites/apps? Just doing a Google search I noticed a few sites that look good for PC part royalty free photos like or or Those are a few to start with... Not sure if free to download but they should be royalty free atleast. Just remember Google is your friend. Well mine, atleast. I Google everything. The answer is there somewhere. I might have to reword whatever it is or jump down some rabbit holes... but I'll find it. And if I can't find something on Google thats when I will ask around.

  3. Depends on your products. If you sell T-shirts or any kind of clothing, you may want to consider using PlaceIt.

  4. Check out @edi194 on youtube. He has very good tutorials on how to do that. It helped me a lot back in the day

  5. I was able to Update windows without problems

  6. Ich find auch diese Werbung von der Sekte sehr interessant 🤣

  7. Vor allem die Tatsache, dass diese Sekte so tut, als würde sie Sekten-Aufklärung betreiben 😅

  8. I've put windows 11 without much trouble on the oneplus 6t. It runs without any problems

  9. Yeah unfortunately there isn't super much progress in terms of supported devices. Oneplus still is the best way to go here

  10. I do have a oneplus 7 pro myself but I haven't tried it out as I didn't wanna risk destroying it🤣 But you should be able to install it without any big problems. Main concerns are mainly, that you'll have problems with drivers. To keyboard and mouse (might) work but I can almost guarantee that touch won't work and other things too.

  11. thanks for the tip 👍👍👍, is there a file or a spreadsheet that shows the ongoing progress of the smartphones supported by the renegade project?

  12. Yeah take a look at the pinned comment or on the official website

  13. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get it to work...

  14. Thats a 12.5% chance of dying. Gonna be honest, not worth the try if you ask me

  15. Yeah I was thinking about a few new glowplugs for my wife

  16. I don't think any home media server can function like Popcorn Time but as a server.

  17. I always did that with vlc player and it worked. But I would love to have the same beautiful UI like in jellyfin

  18. I can't talk about the Chinese market but I had some experience with the Japanese market. We were trying to bring a website to Japan. Used the same concepts, same use of white space, same information architecture, basically the same site but localised. The site flopped. User tests identified that the Japanese market wanted more information, a lot of information, it didn't matter that the page would be cluttered, when running A/B tests, there was more engagement on areas with more details, texts, tables, graphs, etc.

  19. You just have to adapt to the market. Its not always about the country itself but more about the culture and especiall, the language. Asian languages are mostly very information-density based as that is the way the language works. So people feel not very well served if the information given is not enough.

  20. You have already collected more than 300 upvote. What I see it's a future champion here

  21. I only collected 47000 karma, guess it kinda lame these days

  22. The free version of plesk from do is the same as the full version just with a different license restriction. I run plesk on many many servers and don't have any issues with it. It doesn't have a maintenance mode although the installer does lock if it's already running. Plesk by FAR the best server control panel, persevere with it and read the documentation

  23. There is a free plesk version???? Tell me more pleasseee

  24. You can't get it direct from plesk, they allow "hyperscalers" to offer it, so infrastructure providers like Digital ocean, vultr and Aws but not traditional hosts. I do love plesk but I hate them for that...

  25. I got a downvote for posting the correct link. Fuck whoever did that lmao

  26. Have my upvote, you seem like a nice person. But be warned: I use my device the opposite way usual people do

  27. Thanks for sharing this awesome news! I would be interested if its possible to slide into the dev teams DMs and make them publish this Subreddit on their page? Much more people would contribute ansld share news, eventually making the dev process much faster. I wrote them, I would love if anyone could help out and reach for them.

  28. Good day sir. I am a webdeveloper and hoster from germany and I do have some really high Quality Webhosting for a reasonable price. Normally my plan would be 20$ a month for my clients but I would love to support you guys and I would offer you to host your site for half the cost that you are paying right now. If you are interested feel free to dm me. :)

  29. Oh wow, so nice to hear! Wish you good luck and much fun

  30. Here in Germany its mostly available but Depending on the part of the world you are located at, you might try ebay, gumtree or whatever fits the need. Also facebook marketplace could be useful

  31. Unfortunately its laggy for me aswell... Might be a compatiblity issue

  32. There is a much easier Way than anyone said before. Just get an application called localwp. Creating a free account, you‘ll be able to create a tunnel with a single click. People will be able to launch the site with the given link

  33. Jaja aber meine anzeigen werden rausgenommen weil sie "nicht den Community Richtlinien entsprechen"

  34. Na, selbst erstellt? Nicht mein Humor.

  35. Ich wünschte es wäre so. Aber ne nicht selbst erstellt

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