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  1. If they do give it back, I sure hope they treat it better than the death mask of King Tut. I’m not sure how connected the current people and culture of Egypt is to the pharaoh period, but those relics are treasures of humanity. I wish there was a UN body on the preservation of artifacts and historical sites. Or if there is one, they do it better.

  2. I find Overlord fucking tedious, I forced myself through S3, tried to watch S4 and just don’t care at all.

  3. Listen you go enjoy your single pieces and jonjons let me enjoy isekai trash no 437, this one’s different because this time he was reincarnated

  4. Always heard it described as “the breathing city”. I wonder how other cities like London, LA, Beijing, Singapore compare

  5. You'd have thought surviving the engagement a prerequisite for "beating" Sjur, rather than merely killing her, since it seems to me this is suggesting Uldren simulation-killed himself with this maneuver as well.

  6. I said it elsewhere but I feel like this films going to be going more down the Blues Brothers/Pick of Destiny/Spinal Tap route.

  7. Yknow I get te feeling this movie's gonna be a Blues Brothers/Pick of Destiny/Spinal Tap esque film

  8. So at most the elections have to be held every five years however the ruling party decides when exactly there will be an election.

  9. When’s the next election? Does a vote of no confidence (is that even possible), mean a snap election? Is question hour still a thing?

  10. Everything old is new again. Why didn't we integrate the newer technology into ships while maintaining the sails?

  11. We did. Ever heard of Ironclads? They were so called because they were wooden ships clad (wrapped) in iron. Then as fuel became more efficient and engines became more powerful they moved away from sail completely and the dreadnoughts hove into view.

  12. Agreed but. Never a good idea if you’ve already requested the time off and had it rejected

  13. It's still going to work better than calling Halloween part of your religion.

  14. Is it true that many heroes are locked for everyone even though you had a fully stacked OW1 account? It doesn't make sense to make existing players to need to unlock heroes right? does anyone knoe if this is a bug?

  15. Funny you say that when Daly has been having some really decent games at FB. I know he wants to play center but he probably is better there with his big boot. I'd rather the strength of Tompkins and lozowski. They seem to be the better center pairing. Goode is obviously first choice there but is he gonna be there for much longer. He's brilliant but getting older.

  16. I’d personally prefer Tompkins-Daly over Tompkins-Loz. I just think Daly brings a lot more to it and I also think Goodes a better full back

  17. I've always been wary of Daly's defence. He plays well when he's not under pressure but when there is pressure he generally struggles. I remember the Exeter game last year where him and Tomkins had a argument about it.

  18. Tbh that’s a good part of why I don’t like him at full back. And yeah Goodeys not getting younger :(

  19. I am sure hes going to be signing his name in Japanese for the Japanese fans

  20. The right hand column is Pierre Gasly in hiragana, no idea what the left is I know fuck all kanji

  21. You can tell this is quite serious as even casualuk isn't making sarcastic jokes in the comment section.

  22. I think the thing that non-Brits don't get about us is that we're very good at knowing when to fuck around and when to sober up and get serious.

  23. Maybe a silly/ignorant question but why is the team Cymru but then nothing else is in Welsh?

  24. While I agree, a core theme of the books (and to a lesser degree the games) is that the world that Geralt knew, of plants that won’t grow under the new sun, of Vesemir not knowing the chemical makeup of the mutation compounds, where all the schools except the Cat (maybe) are effectively defunct, is coming to an end.

  25. Yeah I can’t really speak to the books but that’s certainly the feeling I got from the games.

  26. My 4 and 7 year old take dance. They’re in a stage production of Aladdin at the end of the month. No one expects them to be perfect. They’re there because even if they mess it up they’re adorable. The 4 year old has a vague sense of what she’s doing, mostly just following her sister. They fucking love it and want to do it. They never complain about the extra classes or rehearsals. I think they love that they go to rehearsals with the big girls, get to eat junk food, and play on their iPads unrestricted in between their bits.

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