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About the Delays - 343 Employee DEV

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Halo Online vs Halo Infinite

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  1. By just making a complete game and selling it to us for $60 instead of giving us 10% of a game for free then not delivering quality live service content cause Microsoft can't fix the upper management of 343

  2. Bro, I think you and many, many others aren't realizing that this game was gonna launch like this and lack post-launch support for this long regardless if it was gonna launch as a $60 product or as an F2P product. They may not have explicitly said it, but you can tell after all of the revelations of this game's development hell paired with CoViD and feature delays, the evidence is extremely powerful for this.

  3. True, but I'd rather wait a few more years for a more complete game. But I also understand they wanted this as a Xbox series x launch title.

  4. They couldn't even do that because MS needed them to launch it before investors pulled out.

  5. He's their ''friend'' who they can blame for their bad thoughts, sins and character flaws. What would they do without him? Feel fully responsible for everything they do wrong? Come on.

  6. Christian here, the asshats who do this I refuse to accept are real believers.

  7. Congratulated someone for not punching out a bully on AITA.

  8. wait wait wait, how does that even make sense?

  9. I understand the frustration with the current state of the triple A industry but I think it insane to jump to they need to crash I'm about behind of mainstream games(only bought elden ring this year).So could I ask what game specifically made you feel you need to write this post.As someone who avoid EA and wasn't interested in cyberpunk the big issue is basically a non-existant reason for me.Also as someone working with some mates who trying to get into this after COVID messed with our prospects by trying to get an indie game out there I can confirm in that event we would be fucked.You say they would thrive but would kill most of their investment for new studios and teams for quite a while more likely.

  10. Cyberpunk 2077, Halo Infinite, BF2042, basically anything coming from Sega now

  11. Not necessarily. Nintendo actually used gaming's low status to save themselves, they went through being a playing card company, hotel business, etc. before settling on gaming.

  12. tfw fans add more content then the devs do

  13. But all 4 players have to be in that 2000ft diameter space at once

  14. theres no host, dedicated server with 30 hz tick rate, its probably measured from the two furthest players

  15. maybe it is measured by the fireteam leader then

  16. it's a dildo. Use the vibration in the controller.

  17. 550!!!!??!?!? 343 has 550 devs? And even so this is the state of the game! Genuinely surprised.

  18. 525 of them are contractors who are all on that 6 month break

  19. Microsoft uses loopholes to extend beyond the 18 month contract if they need to

  20. nice... because hiring permanent devs means you gotta give them a fair wage and healthcare plan

  21. It isn't the fault of the community to expect something as simple as a 4-option dropdown menu for a function that already exists. There are much, much more taxing things ingame.

  22. It also isn't 343's priority to further develop a function that already exists as the community requested just because one user named

  23. The difference is, that stuff is in the minority of armor customization, or rather, was back in the day. Now it's all that's added to the MCC, and it's EVERYWHERE.

  24. I very rarely see the goofy shit. It's usually either the cool canon armors or the fracture armors which also look really cool.

  25. I hope to see some rogue employee just go in and expose what's actually happening at 343 Industries.

  26. Microsoft need to completely dissolve 343i and sell Halo to a competent publisher/developer. This is beyond a joke

  27. The fact they let it slip through shows what a shitshow 343 is internally. They're racist, incompetent and greedy people who have no care for this franchise.

  28. I think it was unintentional for sure, but your other two points stand.

  29. I would've agreed if that "Moochers of Reach" fiasco never happened. I very much believe it was intentionally put in there by somebody.

  30. Moochers of Reach was a jab for sure, but consider their situation and that it's just the name of a toolkit that fills in a name when a name is invalid (similar to "blam"), and the fact 343 isn't in the best spot right now for that bad press, I think it was unintentional.

  31. Before the middle of 2018, it was actually pretty dank!!!

  32. With the spoiled blurring the image, it looks like a dick with balls!

  33. I love this one too but it just sucks that the post launch support is so lackluster and getting simple bugs patched takes months when other companies hop on that shit in a week or even the same day.

  34. that it actually comes out in a realistically timely manner.

  35. There’s a handful of celebs who sold NFTs and gotten money off of them.

  36. I mean like people who went from mid class to bussin', like with Bitcoin

  37. One correction, MS took Halo Online down because it violated MS's Content Usage Policies as it was using assets created by them, when the policy says any fan content must use their own assets. They released MCC on PC due to them noticing the fans wanted Halo on PC because of Eldewrito's popularity.

  38. Nah they released MCC on PC due to the financial opportunity

  39. Well yeah, obviously to make money but they definitely used Eldewrito's popularity as that opportunity to make the money.

  40. Blam! Has notorious spaghetti code. 343 made it worse

  41. This point I don't know why they don't just use Unreal Engine. Gears of War uses it.

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