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  1. You just lick it anyway. Same premise as using Bible paper or phone book paper.

  2. Its not pendantry when its the literal fact, just because everyone(i hope not but for your sake) understands it doesnt mean its correct lmao, which in this context is terribly incorrect.

  3. While you are technically correct, there’s a little thing called “colloquial usage” that you seem to be forgetting about.

  4. I think he has a better profile than Baez (he’s got better plate discipline: Swanson is 62nd percentile chase rate per Savant while Baes is 1st percentile), but I do agree that he probably just had his best offensive season. He’s pretty streaky.

  5. Baez has also put up a few good offensive years. Swanson has had one above average year

  6. So then I assume you would have no problem with the Braves signing Brett Phillips for 500/10? Since it’s not your money of course

  7. I miss when baseball was like this. Like yea, I'm pumped about this past off season, but I wish when it was *truly* a pennant race. I miss when the AL and NL never played each other except the ASG and the WS. I don't miss pitchers batting, I was wrong about that, but I wish we would bring back some of that old stuff.

  8. I miss when you actually had to be a really good team to make it. I dislike that you can shoot for comfortably above average and still have a shot at the WS.

  9. Wander had 5 war/162 last year and Peña had 5.7. Nothing crazy, they both have very bright futures ahead of them, but I would prefer Peña rn.

  10. Wander put up 3.5 WAR and in 70 games at the age of 20. He was injured most of last year. The way he played at 20 is incredibly special and there’s no doubt in my mind he’ll be much much better over his career.

  11. I understand he was injured, that’s why I used war/162, a rate stat. He definitely has a ton of potential, but that doesn’t matter right now. Peña is better now, so that’s who they should start. Unless they want to start Adames, that would make sense

  12. My injury point is that he was playing through them. Which means he wasn’t playing to his peak. I simply think Wander is currently and going forward the better player based on how they performed during their rookie years

  13. The rays have shown sustained success, they should be a model for every franchise

  14. They have 0 rings. The goal is not to make the playoffs every year and get bounced early. The goal is to win championships. If the Rays actually spent on top of what they currently do, they'd be the best team in the league. But they don't.

  15. It’s not even that, the Rays just aren’t entertaining. Building a team of broken parts and unheralded prospects is impressive, but it’s not exciting. I want players to love, I want a new lifetime Oriole. Feel bad for Rays fans even with the success

  16. McDonald's hires minors and pay bi weekly......

  17. Gets downvoted just for pointing out a fact. Quite a few U.S. states allow you to work at 14

  18. Santander made big strides in plate discipline this season. I'm not too keen on trading away a known 30 HR guy in hopes that Cowser also becomes a 30 HR guy.

  19. Sure but he also isn’t all that great of a hitter for a DH. There’s a reason he caps out at 2 war.

  20. Philly is a great city but yeah sorry if I’m a multimillionaire I’m choosing San Diego

  21. Yeah, well you know, that’s just like your opinion, man

  22. People really underrate having 4 seasons. I love the sun and fun life, but damn do I love fall and winter so much.

  23. Also Philly is just cooler. So much revolutionary history

  24. Zero. They've been well aware of this issue for a while, and have spoken openly about needing to fix it. Its just a thorny-as-fuck problem needing to be solved.

  25. The people on this sub are absolutely insufferable when it comes to blackouts. They seem to think Manfred can just end them on a whim as if there aren’t hours upon hours of debate and contract reworking that need to go into it.

  26. Important to note that the brother with business interests in Nashville has never indicated any interest in moving the team. The brother that’s pissed he didn’t get team control has said that before. Probably to stir the pot a bit

  27. One of the Angelos brothers have business interest in Nashville and has said he would move if it made sense under his control

  28. Source? All I’ve heard is Lou saying John would move to Nashville. As far as I know John has never made any indication he would

  29. I do feel like constant success without a championship kinda loses its luster a bit after a time

  30. I’m definitely not a casual, the playoffs just don’t feel that important to me. If it was more common for the best teams to win maybe, but idc about how lucky we are, I care about winning the division, or having the best record in the league. Things that actually define being good

  31. It’s basically an exhibition tournament. If it went back to the next two teams making the CS, or just the top team going to the WS I’d care a bit more. As it currently is it doesn’t have much bearing on how good your team was. The 22 Mets and Braves were far better teams than the 22 Phillies.

  32. Ed Norton's energy is all wrong for Wes Anderson.

  33. Ed Norton is a great actor who can put in great Wes Anderson energy. Your opinion is wrong and I dislike it

  34. Turner has complained about playing 2B, not comfortable there with the footwork. I am guessing Kim and Crone shift right but preferably Trea at 2B or CF. But I didn't really think Padres were getting him anyways.

  35. I’m sure the organization would play the players that are best at the position instead of making Turner comfortable. I wonder if that’s why he didn’t sign, the Padres might have told him he wouldn’t be a SS with them.

  36. I feel like you know the addiction is alcohol and drunk driving is a tragic result of that so I will not argue with you anymore man

  37. My sister was an alcoholic for 13 years. Know what she never did, drive intoxicated, because she’s not a piece of shit. No one’s saying he’s a piece of shit for having an addiction, he’s a piece of shit for knowingly endangering other people’s lives. Multiple times.

  38. Are you worried about people seeing spoilers for the marble races?

  39. Yes, I enjoy watching them to find out what happens, today I knew what was going to happen before I watched, how is that anywhere near as exciting?

  40. Marking it as spoiler doesn’t stop people from seeing the title. Take it down and try again

  41. Also as we have seen from Manny and Cronenworth, shortstops are athletic as fuck and can play pretty much any position you put them in sans catcher. Adding another SS allows Tatis to go to the OF full time, Kim to second, and Crone to first (where he has already made a ton of highlight reel plays for us). That gives us insane defensive range with the shift gone. It's really not as stupid of a strategy as some think lol

  42. Nah if you got Trea he’d probably be moving, not Kim.

  43. Revivify requires 300 gp worth of diamonds in total, so a 299 gp diamond paired with a tiny 1 gp diamond would suffice.

  44. GP valuation for gems in spells is a tad weird. If I travel to the country over suddenly my diamonds will work for revivify because of the economic difference? Makes no sense

  45. The dude giving a dissertation about why this quote from a book doesn't matter to him is talking about ego.

  46. This guys asking the literary value of a comment as if 99% of Reddit comments aren’t jokes or just stupid.

  47. SD isn't a low revenue team. Also helps that they draw 13k more per game than the Orioles. If the Orioles attendance can start going up close to 30K, things would change.

  48. If we go back 5 years, SD had basically the same revenue as us. I wonder what it was that increased their revenue so much…

  49. Like us, they had a great farm, and started winning. Which increased attendance, and got them out of the low revenue standing. Something we all hope happens here.

  50. And while they were low revenue and bad they signed Manny Machado.

  51. Exactly my point, I was talking about every fan base, not just the orioles.

  52. Tbf, we never really brought in any big names before that. We haven’t signed big free agents since the 00s. I’m concerned that the direction we’re headed is perpetual wild card; instead of signing some actual stars and building a dominant team.

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