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  1. It doesn’t have to end! Get out and meet people. Go do things you like and maybe you will meet someone. Don’t give up there is a whole planet to go see.

  2. The problem is i go out i work but still feel lonely

  3. I failed many times in nov , the holy month gone now i still have 30 days to make it again till next year I'll do it this time till 133 days

  4. I don't have f urges anymore i want to be horny again

  5. I'd love give Layla bj cute lol

  6. Isn't that itachi and Sasuke lol

  7. Tbh you cant find those songs i know some hebrew

  8. Believe me i really need to be loved

  9. I just wish i have those urges man i m totally opposite...


  11. I'll do it no matter what thia time

  12. I don't see those changes i m 38 daya streak ,.,..

  13. It's not worthy i wish i can back to old times

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