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  1. He has on left wing people Jimmy Dore , Tim pool , Dave Rubin , Kyle kuliniski , Glenn Greenwald , Krystal Ball

  2. 😂 jimmy dore, tim pool, dave rubin, glenn greenwald

  3. My favorite Malcolm X quote: “King Kong aint got nothin on me!”

  4. The last one was like “here before you forget” WHAM!

  5. Well he died under Trump's DOJ and Trump is named by multiple victims now.

  6. 😂 definitely funnier to say Hillary Clinton

  7. Your first link about “70k medical professionals” is about hospital staff not medical professionals. That includes receptionists and janitors.

  8. Gupta said Joe should still get vaccinated and Joe responded with something about having stronger immunity than vaccinated people due to his recent recovery.

  9. Imagine if one said I read 50 articles on military shit bro. Navy seal cant tell me shit about special ops.

  10. To lump in Trump and Clinton with Prince Andrews is I think wrong.

  11. Why? Because they’re shedding light on important issues that are inconvenient for the current city council and other anti-police activists? If you don’t like it, don’t read or comment.

  12. Wait, Joe Rogan couldn't tell one of his best friends to just eat healthy and lose weight?

  13. That would probably unite the whole world against Russia.

  14. Is it just me or does pad thai taste like how a wet dog smells

  15. Wouldnt negative test before the flight be a better way to control it?

  16. I go to the dentist every 6 months

  17. I think people’s tolerance to having to get regularly vaccinated varies.

  18. Even if we accept that "no one needs a high-capacity magazine," the word "high" is intolerably vague. The standard AR-15 magazine holds 30 rounds, the AK's 20 or 30. Even most full-sized 9mm handguns hold 17 rounds, some 19. So where does "ten" come from? Why not seven or five? What assurance do Californians have that "common sense" won't decide a different number next year?

  19. Arent police service weapons exempt?

  20. Today I noticed that Kyle Kinane was missing his discography on Spotify. So I started googling and saw that comedians weren’t getting paid royalties like musicians were, and when they complained Spotify said it was easier to just pull the catalogs. Anyone notice if Joe has mentioned this in any episodes?

  21. He might or he might not. That’s fairly recent stuff.

  22. Yea I think I’m gonna start skipping these shitty episodes. Used to listen to all of them but I can’t take another 3 hours of bitchfest about vaccine mandates, COVID and the media.

  23. Wait that’s lyric from one of his songs?

  24. Watch Repubs come up with an excuse for Trump 😂

  25. Surprised he hasn’t talked about the SNL skit. I hope someone brings it up.

  26. I honestly have never watched one Rachel Maddow show. I think she’s just irrelevant on top of being boring.

  27. You guys cant get your shit straight. Aren’t you guys always complaining about how all the rich tech workers are liberal? Do u know how much tech workers get paid? And all the fortune 500 companies are woke.

  28. Dammnit why does everything need to go public?

  29. The retards from tfatk is leaking… please stay the f over there.

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