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  1. The Kenobi behind the back spin and parry on Vader in episode 6

  2. Miraidon is better then Koriadon competitive wise and the wheels makes sense, the paradox forms on Scarlet are all around better though so your choice

  3. Rey and Kylo should have used force pushes and stasis in the Throne Room scene to logistically keep the guards away so the choreo could make sense

  4. Tell her trainer don’t waste a bottle cap on special attack

  5. Turned out so much better then I imagined and it’s actually great for battling

  6. I was hoping they’d do a time jump and he becomes a professor taking over for a retired Oak and we get a new protagonist

  7. How am I supposed to decide fairy tera on fuecoco and unaware?

  8. Can you please elaborate more, I'm new to the game. This is also first game I'll play competitive. Is there like a way to decide ability in game, shards to decide the tera type?

  9. You need to do raids to grind for the Ability Patch so you can get the hidden ability and fairy shards so that you can change the Tera type

  10. There is no nature that hinders HP like the other stats, IVs are just the “genes” of the Pokémon that they are born with as a set base stat that can only changed by bottle caps

  11. If they gave more back story to it, like if she was the officer in charge training him and there was tension before hand. They wasted 2 great actors(tress) to just swinging away

  12. It’s not going to be as big of a problem, G-Max can’t save it anymore and plenty of mons can out speed

  13. Ghana gets last say on Suarez at the World Cup, this one, is for Africa

  14. Agreed just mirror Rhaenyra’s opening from season 1 with Syrax but it’s Dreamfyre and Sunfyre this time

  15. Switch it up. If you liked them, what's something you thought they did badly?

  16. Mando is way more popular and an easier watch for the general audience to enjoy, also Andor has more episodes per season so it’s basically equal to 1.5 seasons of the Mandalorian in just the first season

  17. I don’t know if it guides me but I used “I know” in relationships more times then I probably should have lol

  18. I would say the Mountain and Brienne would have a possibility of even bigger children but it takes more then size to be a great warrior

  19. Japanese Charizard, Dragonite, Cinderace, and Blastoise

  20. The moment I heard it I never used “Cinderace” again lol

  21. Dragonite has been seeing a lot of play in general because Multi Scale is such a good ability it doesn’t even have to switch typings it’s bulky enough as mono Flying to Dragon. I’ve seen a lot of Tera Fire and Normal becoming EKiller

  22. I like them because I will always enjoy the wizarding world but the last 2 were messy and I feel they should have just stayed to the whole “fantastic beasts” part

  23. That’s like saying “better than no content I guess”. And although I agree (cause I’d miss that world so much!) that’s such a sad, low bar.

  24. I didn’t say they were good but I can still enjoy them, they were on HBO Max so I don’t have to go out of my way to watch them

  25. If you just like linear story lines and collecting SV isn’t it but the Pokémon designs, textures, and battling overall are better then SwSh

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