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  1. Not exactly, but I once wrote "was she worth this mess, after everything and that little black dress?" On a nott I my BF.

  2. On the “Green flags I look for” part of my Hinge I have “If you can tell me your favorite Taylor Swift song.” I get A LOT of Love Story, YBWM, Blank Space, Shake it Off. One time a guy said Famous by Kanye, immediate unmatch. Sometimes I get more niche ones like Holy Ground, State of Grace (Acoustic), The Last Time.

  3. TBH I've never met a male TS fan. Obvi they are out there and I've talked to many great ones on this thread. Shocked at some of the more in depth songs you've gotten!

  4. It’s haunting and gothic and I get vengeful sadness from it.

  5. If I take too long thinking of scenario's, I'm not listening deeply. That being said, I do always have at least a few scenes playing out before me or just images.

  6. I tend to get my head bitten off when I say it's my least fav...

  7. Most (maybe all) of Fearless I prefer the OG. I felt the songs were written REALLY well to suit her voice including the country twang.

  8. I have only had props go mouldy when I dont air them out every few days. Recently been away for 2 weeks and I came back to 40% rotted props :(

  9. I had some mold even after opening up the box once every day and a half or so! I think it's touch and go and I just removed the moody miss then sprayed (only that area) with alcohol + water diluted mix.

  10. For the nerds among us, "Once Upon Atari: How I made history by killing an industry" by Howard Scott Warshaw is a really great snapshot of this era. That was a wild place to work.

  11. How do you properly give a tablet to a dog in respiratory distress? Unless it's a suppository?

  12. I'm wondering if too much water? Depending on how long you were spraying? Did you find out what happened?

  13. Descript is an entirely different kind of tool. It's not really comparable to DAWs. It works great for certain people if it fits their use-case, but it can really fall apart when you need to do anything that's more intense or in a different production style.

  14. Could you explain "more intense or in a different production style?" I'm fairly new at this :D

  15. Thank you SO much for this detailed answer. Now I see what you mean! It is definitely insane 😆 but I appreciate the explanation and know I am not there yet.

  16. Not to hijack the thread :D I thought an interface was a mixer. Could you explain the difference and why a mixer is suggested for more than 2 mics?

  17. Oof. Agreed $300 minimum but do yourself a favor and look up mileage cost on the gov website.

  18. Check Rover and Wag for good starting rates. Once you get comfortable doing the work, you will know what you want to charge and what is possible to charge in your area. I'm shocked at the low rates on this sub, but I also know some areas just can't command the same price. If you're in a rich area or metropolitan spot, don't under sell yourself. It's bad for all of us.

  19. You did not skip those things out of laziness. Any client that says otherwise is a joke. Always (always) update clients on additional work provided. I made the mistake of not doing that and got drooped by someone. I'm certain it's because I didn't fully list out all the extra I did. Good on you for having such a great attitude about carrying TUBS of water.

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