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Finally achieved my dream of adopting an old shelter cat:’)

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  1. True. Facebook started as a way to judge women and went down from there.

  2. Profit vultures begin circling before the land is even dry...

  3. Picked a wrong time to stop smoking, pfft, as if it made a difference.

  4. If the liver is going to kill me anyway, forget quitting drinking. Carcinoma and cirrhosis can race each other.

  5. That self-satisfied smile is so common on the faces of cruel people like this everywhere.

  6. Same! My kids are like the only ones without smartphones and tiktok and it will remain that way TYVM until they are 15/16 (also will be sophomores). I wish more parents would understand the danger and protect their kids.

  7. I watch my neighbors getting more and more hostile, is what I'm seeing. Civility and kindness are suspect, only calculating expressions and staring out their windows seems to be what passes as "community" now.

  8. Why not wait until 2022 is over, first. We still have the stolen mid-terms to get through.

  9. But but but the pool jobs!!! Won't somebody think of the young tanned pool boys?

  10. Not safe for just humans, right? I mean, the farm animals, birds, wildlife, plants, rivers, lakes, and the ocean are all perfectly safe with rain water, right?

  11. Do they never question why the whole "save America" isn't working? I thought conservatives only back winners...

  12. They’ll vote straight ticket R because their hate for others is stronger than their love for themselves.

  13. I'll let my kids go hungry before I swallow my pride, how sad.

  14. He is soooo beautiful. I'm glad he found his way to you at last.

  15. you mean the same worldnews sub that constantly gets middle east propaganda to their front page?

  16. If only our elected officials paid attention to Reddit subs, they'd know how shitty a job they are doing.

  17. Yet another "truce" for the world to see, yet the harassment and stench of apartheid continues outside the global view. Who asks or even believes why the Palestinians are fighting the Israelis?

  18. Assuming Olympic sized swimming pools, that would be 1.45e+11 litres.

  19. A kiddie pool is 10 gallons plus .5+/- rubber duck displacement.

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