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  1. I’d be more pissed they torque my lug’s to 100 foot pounds, should be about 75-80.

  2. It's a Chrysler Town and Country, they are 100 foot pounds. Are you aware that not all vehicles have that 80 foot pound spec?

  3. Yep. One dude, he was covering tortilla chips with it like it was a salsa dip. it's pretty hot too, i put 3 habaneros in a batch that made about 5 of those bottles' worth!

  4. 3 habaneros for 5 bottles? I suggest you never try anything made with a Carolina Reaper let alone a Ghost Pepper if you think that is pretty hot. I'm sure it was good though. I like the flavor of habanero sauces.

  5. There's only 5 murders linked to ol' Jack. Kind of an amature by U.S. standards.

  6. When you know how to drive in it, it isn't an issue. Most people in Minnesota don't buy snow tires or have a 4x4. All you need is front wheel drive, do not slam on the brakes, and do not put the gas to the floor. It's all experience, you can feel instantly when you lose traction and how to correct for it. People flooring it to get going is a tell-tale sign that this is their first winter behind the wheel.

  7. Metal frames are your friend. Wood gives too easily over time and as someone who tosses and turns a lot, I don’t want wood when it creaks and moves when I do.

  8. That depends on the construction and material. This just looks like a single board of cheap wood. I'm sitting on a hardwood frame with another hardwood strip attached on the backside with multiple crossmembers that also have 4 legs for inner support. Not a squeek so far in 7 years. If this breaks, I would have to be morbidly obese. My previous wood frame, yeah, it was held together with slip together joints that loosened over time.

  9. I agree, This has to be the Southeast USA. I have yet to see a Northern state pave w white concrete on side roads.

  10. Zoom in, that's how old asphalt that has been patched looks like. The patch is still black, the asphalt is faded and worn.

  11. I honestly have no idea where it could be. It could still be in the south somewhere. I've seen roads lile this in a lot of areas, paired with the sidewalk and that parking spot, it's appears to be in a neighborhood. And then we get a big body of water in the background that looks relatively calm for its size. If it was higher resolution we could identify the plants and narrow it down. I think there's a river birch in there. But eh. I'll be wrong no matter where I guess.

  12. ChatGPT getting better in the future won't help the students who already turned their papers in.

  13. It's getting better right now. At some point there will be no way to tell if it is written by AI or not. As the detection methods are already saying non AI papers are AI. It's just text. It's not as simple as detecting if an image is fake or not. There's no signature in the text that's says it's definitely AI, just a chance that it is. You would still have to have hard evidence that it was written by AI in order to accuse a student of cheating.

  14. I imagined my car would self drive without intervention far before an AI could write indiscriminately from a human.

  15. Have you used ChatGPT? It can write short screen plays, essays, articles, poetry, songs, and the scary part, computer code. You can even get into an argument with it. I suggest trying it before coming to that conclusion. I didn't think it was as far along as people said it was until I tried it. It isn't perfect every time, but it is scary good when given the proper instructions.

  16. Gotcha. I'm white American and make "tuna salad" by mixing it with a bit of mayo, lots of pickles, maybe a couple of mild spices like a bit of powdered garlic, some people would add a bit of mustard maybe, but for me the vinegar etc. from the pickles gives the main flavoring of it. I'd definitely be willing to try it your way though!

  17. If you're from the Midwest, it's mayo to tuna 1:1 ratio.

  18. He was "normal" but clearly he wasn't a good person. He was literally corrupted on first sight of the ring and killed his best friend over the ring.

  19. But it was his birthday. Cut him some slack.

  20. How do they live with cards in wallets? I suppose that could be an issue

  21. They react to magnets. They are not magnets. Lol.

  22. I've tried to explain that dog part to people. They will smell it all and can separate it. They'll eat something for the items they think smell good in it, not necessarily the other ingredients.

  23. Not if it’s an outpatient clinic. I worked in one and it’s local anesthesia only and the doctors can’t actually prescribe anything strong. If they need to put you under, you aren’t going to the regular dentists office, but a special clinic, at least in my experience.

  24. Our dentist office has the anesthesiologist that travels between their different branches. So if you set up for wisdom teeth removal, they will be at that office that day. Was also prescribed pain killers on the spot. My wife's previous dentist did it like you've experienced and she had to go to a specific location to get her wisdom teeth pulled.

  25. Saffron is crazy expensive. Isnt it like over 10k usd an ounce? Its like the pollen of a flower i think, harvested by hand.

  26. It's the stamens. Only 3 per flower. You're a bit high on the price. $1857 an ounce for the most expensive. Normal grade is much cheaper, you can buy it for $15 a gram at the grocery store, or even less if you buy in bulk online.

  27. She is a 60 years old romanian chemist working in US (fuel cells).

  28. I used that promotion all the time and never had any issues with an under cooked middle. Must have been the extra sauce, I've never added that.

  29. I left a bad review for a product that came in a badly designed box, which was damaged as a result in shipping. They removed it because it wasn't a review about the product. Shit, shouldn't people know that it could arrive damaged because the manufacturer put glass in a thin cardboard box with zero padding or support and order from the competitor? It doesn't matter how much bubbles the Amazon shipping center put in its box when the product they are putting in it flops around inside of its own box.

  30. Every time the Twin Cities has its boat show, it's backwoods hicks that don't know how to park in a parking garage that do this. Nearly every spot taken by a truck, parks over the line. And they're not bringing anything to the show either. They drive their extended cab to the cities, for no reason and than to show off their truck nuts hitch cover. A normal day in the garages is bad enough with Tesla and BMW asshats. If I know the boat show is in town, I make sure to stay away.

  31. Nothing funnier than an adult flashing their genitals to a child right

  32. Come on. This is the 70's. She's got so much bush down there he can't see shit.

  33. I wonder if you’d feel the same if it was a man flashing his bush to your little girl. I’d hope so

  34. Why is a bunch of black beans more expensive than meat? That doesn't even sound good.

  35. Especially on older drives. I had some where there was two large magnets, 4-5mm thick each. Holy crap they were strong. Modern HDDs you're lucky if you get a magnet that is 3mm. Still strong, just not nearly as fun.

  36. My dads buddy works with heavy machinery. He gave my dad some rare earth magnets, and said be careful. I immediately pinched my finger with them. I am now scared of magnets.

  37. I have one that holds 200 lbs, and they make them far larger. I bought it with the intention to slide it into a friend's back pocket then push him against the fridge. After playing with it I decided that that was a bad idea and would probably result in him damaging his good jeans trying to get off of the fridge.

  38. Look up porn stars without makeup. Many of them are not that attractive without the makeup.

  39. No. With normal vision, you should see a quite big difference even between QHD and 4K. I used to have a 28" 4K screen and switched to a high refresh rate 27" QHD about 10 months ago and still haven't fully adjusted to how worse it looks. I usually sit about 1m from the screen and the difference is very noticeable.

  40. Wait until you get older. You'll be squinting to see the difference. 😁 That said I love my dual 4k for 3D modeling and texturing, except the UIs can be a pain in the ass if they don't scale properly when you set it to something like 150%.

  41. Lack of a response from OP is proof that this post is fake or a poor attempt of a joke.

  42. All of their posts seem to be dumb questions or life problems. A real bad luck Lenny or karma farming.

  43. account created this year in the same month the russia started the invasion of ukraine, posting something somewhat related to russia in a positive light.... I'm gonna say it's another vatnik bot. I've been seeing a lot of this sort of post lately. they're always less than a year old with 20k+ karma. very consistent pattern of posts/comments of random things, but something human missing about all of the interactions

  44. Maybe. But he also posted a cockpit view of a carrier landing. And we all know Russia's only carrier is a smokey pile of non functioning shit, not worth the steel it's made out of. So it wasn't a Russian carrier in that video (also the pilot had a US flag on the uniform). 😁

  45. He's probably adjusting the price because he didn't even think about the cut Apple or Google take for using their app stores. He's supposed to be a business savant, lol.

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