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  1. That's what I think as well since you had to kill a DLC boss before accessing the arena in DS1 and DS3.

  2. Nah that won't be the case here. This update is coming tomorrow, if a major DLC is coming it will not be for at least a month, likely longer.

  3. Good point. Though I still think this is an appetizer for something bigger.

  4. He started with 10 million dollars, too. Not a small amount by any means. Commiting fraud with your mommy's purse is a new low.

  5. Ah, the 'I pulled myself up by my bootstraps with a small $10 million loan from my parents' inspirational story that "billionaires" love to tell.

  6. And a lot of crypto “experts” have called the bottom at $37k. Then $35k. Then $30k. Then $28k. Then $25k. Then $22k.

  7. What experts? It was just a bunch of clickbait articles from unreliable bullshit websites. Nobody that knows their shit confidently called for a bottom from what I've seen.

  8. I always said it was 17.5k. Always since a bottom was to be mentioned.

  9. There were pretty good arguments as to why 17.5k could be a macro bottom. I thought it'd be the bottom or very close to it as well. Unfortunately we can't predict black swans like FTX.

  10. Wounded? We are lying in the coffin.

  11. I won't tell that but it starts with jail and finishes with time.

  12. Doubt it. He bribed politicians beforehand to avoid consequences.

  13. Meanwhile Tornado Cash developer was arrested within hours and still is serving time.

  14. You can get away with anything as long as you have money. They wanted to make an example of the poor TC developer. Scumbags.

  15. How the times have changed for the better, I still remember Blackrock fudding BTC so hard before.

  16. That's what they do until they are done filling their bags.

  17. So when the Binance / USDT meltdown happens, everything is going to crash except for XMR?

  18. Binance is the biggest exchange left that still offers XMR trading. If Binance goes to shit it won't do Monero any favors. OP needs a reality check.

  19. To be clear: they only paused withdrawals on ANKR and HAY, not generally, I think the phrasing could be clearer here

  20. And the big short author followed Sam Bankman-Fried for months and will write a new book about the fall of FTX

  21. Gonna be a short book considering CZ dumped the whole exchange with one mean tweet, lol.

  22. The author was following Sam months before the falldown of FTX, so I think the ending of the book will be about the collapse. I expect the author to have details on this collapse we do not know yet.

  23. I didn't pick up many flags except thinking SBF seemed a bit shady. Would be interesting to see what kind of red flags there were that we completely missed.

  24. Depends what you mean. Exchanges can definitely be regulated

  25. They can be, and they SHOULD be. What happened with Celsius, Voyager and FTX is completely unacceptable.

  26. Yeah I'm not buying this. What else did we think was impossible this year?

  27. If a single Tweet can destroy your company, there's something very wrong.

  28. It seems he never had a business to begin with. He had a half assed ponzi scheme that crumbled under the slightest pressure.

  29. "I'd still be scamming people if someone didn't expose my bullshit"

  30. Six or sixteen months ago - it's all irrelevant, dude had a different agenda from the get go.

  31. It was a scam 6 months ago. It's a scam now. SBF is and was a fraud.

  32. It is a little late for that Sam, I wish you'd urged them six months ago.

  33. We will have another fiasco in 6 months. We better start the guessing game right now.

  34. People that look down/look away are trying to appear hurt and weak or are lying... it doesnt matter. Noone should fall for his lies ever again and noone should feel sorry for this piece of shit, indeed.

  35. It's hilarious how I'm supposed to think he's suffering while wiping his ass with dollar bills that once belonged to his customers, who lost everything because he's a fraud. Hopefully it's all downhill for him from here.

  36. I doubt most people here even keep their own seed phrase. Self custody is just a buzzword and people repeat it endlessly only because it gets upvotes. Most of us couldn't even keep a pair of socks safe.

  37. But some Redditors told me it's all going to 0? Who do I believe? Some shitposters or a financial giant?

  38. One thing I want to see is their face in next bull run when all of them FOMOing in ATH.

  39. Crypto is here to stay. They can fight it or adopt it. It's not going anywhere anytime soon.

  40. I'm seeing more and more SBF dickriders in this sub lately. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

  41. With the word "ponzi" being thrown around so much lately,

  42. Maybe mention his bribes donations to politicians more instead of sweeping them under a rug?

  43. People said last week that Bitboy was the most hated person in this space. I predict Sam is #1.

  44. Do Kwon must be upset about getting his spot stolen

  45. Your wish might come true if we get more exchange collapses.

  46. I don't see the point of selling this deep into a bear market but I wish you the best.

  47. Although the way to go about it is rather peculiar, I do understand the feeling of trying to invest time and effort into writing a post and not getting any traction, while very superficial posts get tons of upvotes here.

  48. I completely agree that some of the best posts in this subreddit get ignored and we have a huge problem when it comes to praising ignorance and ignoring actual discussion. I have a few things to say about that myself but making a follow up and telling people to eat dicks wouldn't exactly how I'd do it, lol.

  49. "I'm not salty but I'll make a whole post telling people who ignored me to eat dicks"

  50. We Crypto investors have the memory of a goldfish despite constantly saying we are in for the long term.

  51. It's part of the bottoming process. With BTC already at -75%, might as well ride out the bear market and accumulate for the next bull run.

  52. No point in constantly obsessing over your portfolio if you are a long term investor. Emotions kill in this market.

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