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  1. *Deutsche Literatur würden die Autoren zur Therapie gehen

  2. I (German) think the soft R is by far the easiest and I've never heard someone who tried struggle with it. But between the rolled and hard R it's kinda close. I think the rolled R requires more effort and practice to pronounce and integrate smoothly but most people can at least produce the sound. Meanwhile I found it really hard to teach the German R to other people because I don't even know how to explain the production of this sound. It seems to not come naturally at all to people who don't use it in their native language.

  3. You wouldn't be so quick to say that if that was the offer for you in his position. He's accomplished everything there is to achieve. Coming to Barcelona doesn't change anything at this point. We're at the start of a new project with a squad that's failed to do anything in Europe even at the Europa League level. There's very little glory outside of a sentimental story.

  4. Sure, by all means, if he wants to go to Saudi Arabia he should go. But in his situation, money really shouldn't be a deciding factor. I don't accept the argument that the financial offer is just too good to refuse because he really doesn't need it. And I can say with absolute certainty that if I personally had a net worth of 600M, I wouldn't go to Saudi Arabia for any amount of money, simply because I wouldn't want to.

  5. It's not about needing it. It's whether coming to Barcelona is better than 600m.

  6. My argument is that I in his position would completely ignore the money that's on the table and make the sole deciding factor "Do I want to play in Barcelona or Saudi Arabia?". Money, no matter the amount, should be a complete non-issue given his absurd level of wealth.

  7. so freaking stupid...I hope he proves us wrong but man, why did campos need to give him a 4+1 year contract, that's insanity

  8. Do you honestly think you could pull your kind of players without giving them way too good contracts? 90% of your players are only there because of money.

  9. I do, yes. You only hear about us through rags or mismanaging while i've heard from my club since my childhood, that much is true for all of parisian youth. We're arguable the biggest club in france, we have CL every year, in a good league (whatever you say I don't care, see how close it was with messi in the team), we've had legends upon legends play for us, we have a good fanbase to earnest players.

  10. You are the biggest club in France since the money came. You'd be about where OL or Marseille are without it.

  11. Denethor, damals wie heute... Ich fand es immer so schlimm wie er mit Faramir umgegangen ist 😤

  12. I mean it's a sub about a game about carrying things... so why not?

  13. Hab eins (kommentierte Version, weis nicht ob es das ohne Kommentar überhaupt gibt) daheim. Ist n Propagandastück der Engländer und Entstanden um 1941.

  14. Naja, die Situation in Spanien kann man nicht wirklich mit Deutschland vergleichen. Der Lokalpatriotismus und die regionale Identität sind da sehr viel stärker ausgeprägt. Die Provinzen wurden gegen ihren Willen zwangsvereinigt und viele wollen eigentlich gerne wieder unabhängig sein. Wenn da Straßenschilder oder Behördendokumente zusätzlich auf Baskisch oder Katalanisch bereitgestellt werden, ist das ein Kompromiss, um eine Abspaltung zu verhindern. Die Gefahr besteht in Deutschland eher nicht.

  15. Ich habe von leuten gehört, die pudding auf einem backblech machen, um mehr haut zu haben. Ich stelle daher die these auf, dass alle die puddinghaut vergöttern, bereits moglichkeiten haben selbst puddinghaut in größerem maße herzustellen

  16. Bei uns gibt's keinen Kindertag, Muttertag oder Vatertag. Find ich gut. Bin 25.

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