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  1. How do I find the rebate form? I bought it, but the form no longer shows up on the product page.

  2. Saving this as my Kia EV6 has intermittent issues connecting/disconnecting with an Android Auto adapter.

  3. I had a Model 3 for 3 years before switching to EV6 about 6 weeks ago. Live in northern USA with regular subzero temps in winter.

  4. Why not having rear viper a problem. Model 3 don’t have it. So it shouldn’t matter.

  5. **** disregard - I see you are saying you can get a 9100 for about 70, I misread that the chip alone was costing 130.

  6. I did consider the Xeon series since the mobo is compatible. I suppose Xeon is arguably more reliable for 24/7 use long term?

  7. I imagine general "reliability" is about the same. You get a little higher official ram speed support (2666 vs 2400), 128gb total memory support (doubt you'll need that) and a bit more cache. I think the 9100 can boost a bit higher so that likely evens things out.

  8. Ended up going with the Xeon you found since the RAM I purchased is 2666 Fingers crossed that it's not a lemon haha

  9. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Adderall is cheaper. The racemic mixture is likely closer to what is created in the lab vs needing to further purify to get to a Dexedrine. So the better question might be if Dexedrine is a marketing gimmick.

  10. Same issue with Android Auto here. The type of phone made somewhat of a difference. My Samsung would drop everytime within 10 to 20 minutes. My Google Pixel 7 drops maybe every other drive. This is with a Motorola MA1 adapter.

  11. Why not go with the best of both worlds with Chase UR points? 1:1 cash redemption + transfer partners. Recently used my Chase points to book rooms at Hyatt for a preplanned vacation since it was much cheaper. Originally had planned to shell out $280 + tax per night but was able to use 12000 UR points ($120 cash equivalent) instead while skipping out on taxes.

  12. Honestly, the FERS annuity is a wash for younger employees. If you take the annual 4.4% and invest it yourself, chances are you'd do better than the pension you'd get. With FERS, you're trading potential growth for safety. The downside is the FERS death benefit sucks, whereas the 4.4% you invest yourself stands a good chance of providing good retirement cash flow and also being a sizable nest egg to pass on once you kick the 🪣.

  13. IBD and IBS here. Got through residency with intermittent fasting and really just eating after my work shifts as much as possible. Not always feasible if you're doing 24+ hours though. When I could keep up my pattern, my bathroom trips were much more predictable. I've continued thisas an attending.

  14. Every VA is quite different. Some are awful from what my patients have told me, but the majority seem to like mine.

  15. Dang. If you are on Mint Mobile, their chat service is actually pretty good after you get a real person. It took me a couple tries to figure out how to get a human, but it is possible! I don't remember what the trick was.

  16. What ended up fixing it for me was another reddit thread that mentioned clearing the cache for the Carrier Services app and immediately restarting the phone.

  17. Can you elaborate? What exactly did you do? Where can this be found? I've tried everything and nothing is working...

  18. Nope never had this problem with my Galaxy S21. My data also just renewed today.

  19. Posted this in the other thread for VA outpatient psychiatry in Midwest metro. 40 hour work week + weekday home call once per month and weekend call once every 2 months. 30 patient contact hours per week, which can be further adjusted if taking on teaching/research roles. 11 paid holidays, 26 paid vacation days, and 13 paid sick days. 3 months paid parental leave after working at least 1 year. Most of the patient population is great to work with, but there are a few patients I wish I could fire but cannot per VA policy.

  20. Not necessarily. Sometimes it's more about where you work rather than what you do. I would bet my outpatient neuro colleagues at the VA have similar lifestyles and compensation.

  21. I did this for about 6 months and then realized it was way too much work actually paying attention to the movement of individual stocks. Ended up pairing down to VTI, VXUS, and SCHD so that I have time to play some video games after putting my kiddo to sleep.

  22. Sorry but why is anyone paying for any connectivity to their car? Seems like a huge waste of money. So Tesla and from the sounds of it others, have made it so you can't properly use the car without said connection? More subscription bloated pocket picking I guess ... My 2019 Toyota works great without a subscription for connectivity (don't even think it exists even if I wanted it) if all manufacturers go to this I guess I'll be buying old cars the rest of my life

  23. When it's -20F outside and your car is 5 minutes away in a parking garage, you'll probably consider paying to be able to turn on the climate controls remotely. At least Tesla offers that part for free. My Kia is going to charge me around $200/yr after the first year to keep that feature.

  24. You can do that on the Tesla without premium connectivity.

  25. That really sucks. I also use a AA Wireless dongle for my Kia EV6. Both the Ioniq 5 and EV6's USB data port stays hot under certain conditions after the car is off, which is really annoying. I'm using a USB switch to manually power off the dongle for those situations. You could also just have a defective battery.

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