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Which situation will always create high sexual tension?

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I needed this today

  1. My favorite playlist on Spotify is my anti-ohio playlist. It's just Ohio (come back to Texas) by bowling for soup and Ohio is for Lovers by Hawthorne Heights on repeat. Taking suggestions! Love, a Hoosier neighbor

  2. July by American Murder Song is about killing your whole family so you don't have to move to Ohio.

  3. If they wanted a tight spot, should just stick it in one of the rolls of their fat. The weight should make it tight enough.

  4. It does expire BTW so make sure you keep your stock current if you get it. Also, you can buy it way cheaper at Costco, Amazon, etc than buying the brand name pills at a pharmacy. And you can use regular birth control pills by taking multiple (good info in case it ever gets banned). There’s a link above that gives more info on that!

  5. Lol that's not the case with my dad as well, but i do think that would be the best and most health way for him to have the companionship he wants and also be able to hook up to his hearts content, not trying to absolve your dad at all, certainly was a dick move

  6. Listennnnnnn!!! The way you paired these items is AMAZING. The way you matched up the yellow shoes/yellow barrette/yellow part of the graphic tee?? Perfection. The whole look is excellent. I literally never would have thought of this combo. You have a great eye and the silhouette is simultaneously classic and chic.

  7. As a women without kids, it was impossible to get this done before 40, and it costs a fortune.

  8. I am married to a man that doesn't want kids. I have heard, "What if you get divorced or your current husband dies and your next husband wants kids?"

  9. I only fuck people I love so I don’t have to worry about that.

  10. People can be married and love each other and still not want children.

  11. I know they’re not going to replace where I lived. My insurance was for the items I had as well as paying to help find another place. But it just seems that this time the communication aspect has been lacking.

  12. Right. I don't think they're going to be able to help pay for a new place, because that's in a similar vein, but I could be wrong.

  13. Lol is that horrible? I dunno. Desperate times/desperate measures, y’know?

  14. I use my fingers sometimes too. Especially with certain shadows. But you see celebrity makeup artist do this so why can’t we? And yea I have been putting my blush on the apples of my checks for 20 years. I have been trying to do it a little different now that I’m older to try and not date myself though. But are we not supposed to be putting eyeliner on our lower water line? I have always done this and I haven’t heard it’s a no no.

  15. I generally haven't seen a lot of people "pull off" the black waterline eyeliner for a while, unless it was a full glam look with bold eyeshadow and falsies. It's also seen as super dated for daily wear, like overplucked brows. But a white/light pink/peach liner is still mostly in, from what I can tell. That said, this thread is all about doing stuff you like that people tell you not to do.

  16. Pointing out that different words have different meanings does not make someone a pedophile (or ephebophile, for that matter).

  17. Maybe it's the 1922 version of political correctness gone too far, so it's downplaying the content of the joke?

  18. It's truly just "it's too early for this shit, who makes a joke at breakfast!?"

  19. But a blonde and a brunette are both women. Men and women are different. And some bisexual men do admit to longing for a man while they are with a woman.

  20. The point is that you can be attracted to multiple types of people without being more inclined to cheat. You can be attracted to blondes and brunettes, tall and short people, curvy and slim people, white and black people, all without being more likely to cheat on one group with the other. No singular person can be everything all the time, but that doesn't make cheating more likely.

  21. When you just squeezed out of Amigara Fault and want to look good!

  22. Wow that unlocked a memory from like fifteen years ago of some meme with the Enigma monster from the end on a DDR pad. I hadn't heard of EoAF at the time and now I finally get the joke

  23. Man, I'm more than likely just way too suspicious and paranoid, but is anyone else's alarm bell going off about the kid wetting her pants constantly and refusing to go to the bathroom at her grandpa's house? I mean, the mom may not even be telling the truth and is just trying to cover up her own negligence or something but...

  24. I am so surprised I had to scroll this far. I got my first UTI when I was being molested by my grandfather (he was always scuzzy) and I definitely had more than one bed wetting incident after they should have stopped.

  25. I had a boyfriend who complained all the time that I was too wet (but it was normal). I guess he was used to sleeping with girls who weren’t excited lol.

  26. **unless that person made you feel uncomfortable and unsafe

  27. There's no "average week". It's always something different. One day, a backup of sewage in the basement floor drain. Another day, gutters need to be cleaned. A different day, someone breaks their garage door. Another day, a water heater needs to be replaced. Or a furnace needs to be serviced. And on and on.

  28. I wish I was morally bankrupt enough to consider that "work."

  29. I think the act of landlording is, in and of itself, immoral.

  30. As a two time adoptive parent and former foster parent, that's also what I'm wondering.

  31. I'm a birthmother to an incredible kid with great adoptive parents. I don't think there's anything draconic about the situation, but maybe I misinterpreted that bit. Time will tell?

  32. Hi! I am coming from a UK context and was referring to adoption where the state removes the child and frees them for adoption without parental consent. This type of adoption is sometimes necessary, of course.

  33. Thank you for the explanation! You would be surprised by the amount of judgement people throw around, which was why I was a little concerned. Nothing hurtful about it with additional context!

  34. Douglas Adams wanted people to care. He compared it to the people who die in the opening sequences cop shows. Did they have plans for the day? And no one on the show seemed to care these characters. He wanted us to care about the whale.

  35. “I wonder if it’ll be friends with me.”

  36. In my situation, I worked with the girl in the Military. We had a mandatory safety event that they tried to make fun. This magician came & I recorded the footage of our coworkers when they went on stage. She was sitting next to me & before it ended she asked me for my number for the “videos”

  37. Low-key sucks for your wife that the friend/coworker was the one that chose to back off.

  38. This needs a complete rearrangement. A comma doesn't fix this.

  39. Thank you! This was driving me nuts. Where would the theoretical "properly placed comma" even go?!

  40. It's just disrespectful to say that a trans person is "actually xyz", frankly. People generally don't like being misgendered, and it doesn't hurt you at all to respect someone's pronouns.

  41. That woman absolutely should be in jail. My heart goes out to the little girl and your friend.

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